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<!DOCTYPE html> <!-- o o o + o + + + o + + + o + + o + + + __ __ _ _ _ ~_,-| \/ | __ _ ___| |__ __ _| |__ | | ___ | |\/| |/ _` / __| '_ \ / _` | '_ \| |/ _ \,-~_,- - - , ~_,-| | | | (_| \__ \ | | | (_| | |_) | | __/ | /\_/\ |_| |_|\__,_|___/_| |_|\__,_|_.__/|_|\___| ~=|__( ^ .^) ~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,-~_,"" "" o o o + o + + + o + + + o + + o + + + --> <html data-env='production' lang='en' xml:lang='en'> <head> <script>/* observer-6.0.6 */!function e(t,n,o){function r(i,u){if(!n[i]){if(!t[i]){var c="function"==typeof require&&require;if(!u&&c)return c(i,!0);if(a)return a(i,!0);var d=new Error("Cannot find module '"+i+"'");throw d.code="MODULE_NOT_FOUND",d}var f=n[i]={exports:{}};t[i][0].call(f.exports,function(e){var n=t[i][1][e];return r(n?n:e)},f,f.exports,e,t,n,o)}return n[i].exports}for(var a="function"==typeof require&&require,i=0;i<o.length;i++)r(o[i]);return r}({1:[function(e,t,n){(function(e){function n(){try{var e=new o("cat",{detail:{foo:"bar"}});return"cat"===e.type&&"bar"}catch(t){}return!1}var o=e.CustomEvent;t.exports=n()?o:"undefined"!=typeof document&&"function"==typeof document.createEvent?function(e,t){var n=document.createEvent("CustomEvent");return t?n.initCustomEvent(e,t.bubbles,t.cancelable,t.detail):n.initCustomEvent(e,!1,!1,void 0),n}:function(e,t){var n=document.createEventObject();return n.type=e,t?(n.bubbles=Boolean(t.bubbles),n.cancelable=Boolean(t.cancelable),n.detail=t.detail):(n.bubbles=!1,n.cancelable=!1,n.detail=void 0),n}}).call(this,"undefined"!=typeof global?global:"undefined"!=typeof self?self:"undefined"!=typeof window?window:{})},{}],2:[function(e,t,n){function o(e,t,n,o){"addEventListener"in e?e.addEventListener(t,n,o):"attachEvent"in e&&e.attachEvent("on"+t,n)}var r=e(1);!function(){window.adonis=window.adonis||{},window.adonis.scriptStatuses={};var e=function(){var e="NEW_SCRIPT_EVENT",t=new r(e,{detail:{}});window.dispatchEvent(t)};o(document,"load",function(t){"SCRIPT"[]="load",e())},!0),o(document,"error",function(t){"SCRIPT"[]="error",e())},!0)}()},{1:1}]},{},[2]);</script> <script> window.__o = {"channel":"home","content_type":"Channel","top_channel":"home"}; window._gaq = window._gaq || []; window._gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-92124-1']); window._geo = "US"; window.__domStart = (new Date().getTime()) window.optimizely = [["setCookieExpiration", 730]]; !function(){var n;return n={},window.getExperimentValue=function(e,t,u){var r,i;return i=n[e]&&null!=n[e][t]&&n[e][t]||u,null!=(r="function"==typeof i?i():void 0)?r:i},window.setExperimentValue=function(e,t,u){return n[e]||(n[e]={}),n[e][t]=u}}(); </script> <title>Mashable</title> <link href="" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <link href="" media="all" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <!--[if lte IE 8]> <link href="" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <![endif]--> <link href='' rel='publisher'> <link href='' rel='alternate' title='Mashable' type='application/rss+xml'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-57x57.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='57x57'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-60x60.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='60x60'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-72x72.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='72x72'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-76x76.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='76x76'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-114x114.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='114x114'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-120x120.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='120x120'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-144x144.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='144x144'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-152x152.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='152x152'> <link href='/apple-touch-icon-180x180.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='apple-touch-icon' sizes='180x180'> <link href='/favicon-32x32.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='icon' sizes='32x32' type='image/png'> <link href='/android-chrome-192x192.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='icon' sizes='192x192' type='image/png'> <link href='/favicon-96x96.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='icon' sizes='96x96' type='image/png'> <link href='/favicon-16x16.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='icon' sizes='16x16' type='image/png'> <link href='/manifest.json?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='manifest'> <link href='/favicon.ico?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' rel='shortcut icon'> <link href='' rel='apple-touch-icon-precomposed'> <meta content='no' name='apple-mobile-web-app-capable'> <meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0' name='viewport'> <meta content='#da532c' name='msapplication-TileColor'> <meta content='/mstile-144x144.png?v=m2Pmw8zNwl' name='msapplication-TileImage'> <meta content='#ffffff' name='theme-color'> <meta content='mid:12105681' name='linkedin:owner'> <meta content='122071082108' property='fb:app_id'> <meta content='18807449704' property='fb:page_id'> <meta content='nYmtX7H2sSCkK8gHpQGxr7Es2526DgUaqb6PGYSX' name='readability-verification'> <meta content='YfjJNAwfOEsk9gCpEyro9wrDs3yzGlkO1w2tJ7GdxDo' name='google-site-verification'> <meta content='app-id=910775754' name='apple-itunes-app'> <link data-page-subject="true" href="" rel="canonical" /><meta content="" data-page-subject="true" property="og:url" /><meta content="Mashable" data-page-subject="true" property="og:title" /><meta content="website" data-page-subject="true" property="og:type" /><meta content="Mashable" data-page-subject="true" property="og:site_name" /><meta content="Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company." data-page-subject="true" property="og:description" /><meta content="Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company." data-page-subject="true" name="description" /><meta content="Social Networking, Social Media, News, Web, Technology, Web 2.0, Tech, Information, Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Top" data-page-subject="true" name="keywords" /><script type="application/ld+json">{"@context":"","headline":"Mashable","url":"","keywords":["Social Networking","Social Media","News","Web","Technology","Web 2.0","Tech","Information","Blog","Facebook","YouTube","Google","Top"],"@type":"Webpage"}</script><meta content="{&quot;page&quot;:1,&quot;omnitureData&quot;:{&quot;channel&quot;:&quot;home&quot;,&quot;content_type&quot;:&quot;Channel&quot;,&quot;top_channel&quot;:&quot;home&quot;}}" name="parsely-metadata" /> <script src='//'></script> <script async='async' src=''></script> <script async='async' src='//'></script> <script src=''></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <!--[if lte IE 8]> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <![endif]--> </head> <body class='body_posts body_index' data-jsid='posts/index' data-sec0='home' data-sec1='index' viewport='fixed'> <script>/* wrapper-6.0.6 */!function e(t,n,r){function o(a,c){if(!n[a]){if(!t[a]){var s="function"==typeof 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t=(new Date).getTime()/1e3;return o(t,e)}var a=function(){var e=window.navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(),t=/(chrome)[ \/]([\w.]+)/.exec(e)||/(firefox)[ \/]([\w.]+)/.exec(e);if(null!==t){var n=t[1],r=t[2],o=parseInt(r.split(".")[0]);if("chrome"===n&&o>=41||"firefox"===n&&o>=37)return!0}return!1},c=function(e){"loading"!==document.readyState?e():document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",e)};t.exports={isSupportedBrowser:a,defineReadOnlyProperty:r,ready:c,isExpired:o,isExpiredNow:i}},{}]},{},[1]);</script> <h1 class='semantic'>Mashable</h1> <header id='flyout-container'></header> <div id='peek'> <div id='sticky'> <div class='cookie-notice'> <div class='wrap'> We're using cookies to improve your experience. <a href="/cookie-policy/" class="cta">Click Here to find out more.</a> <div class='dismiss'></div> </div> </div> <header id='site-header'><div class='navbar'> <div class='navbar-inner'><ul class='inline main-menu nav us'> <li class='menu'><a class='icon-reorder' href='#'></a></li> 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header3'><a data-short='Hot' href='#'> <em>What's Hot</em> </a></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class='slide-window'> <div class='flex-box columns'><section class='column box-cell new-stories waypoint column1' data-fixselector='header.fixable' data-key='new' id='column-new'><h1 class='semantic'>What's New</h1> <div class='column-content'><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Al Gore will open Sundance with a follow-up to &#x27;An Inconvenient Truth&#x27;</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Josh Dickey</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 01:23:19 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>&quot;Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis.&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">You can swap Snap Spectacle lenses - here&#x27;s how</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Keith Hopkin</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:18:01 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Mix and match!</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">These deluxe speakers are made from Lamborghini exhaust pipes</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Tara Flanigan</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:45:48 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>An Italian sports car for your living room.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">The woman whose math sent John Glenn to orbit says goodbye to a &#x27;good man&#x27;</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Miriam Kramer</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:10:55 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Former NASA &#39;human computer&#39; Katherine Johnson paid tribute to John Glenn on Friday.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">This Christmas card is definitely not what it seems</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sophie Hirsh</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:01:09 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Photoshop FTW.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">This weekend in esports: &#x27;Dota 2&#x27; Major and &#x27;League of Legends&#x27; All-Star Event</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Kellen Beck</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 21:41:54 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Where and how to watch all the best upcoming esports events.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Dads teach their daughters empowering, positive affirmations</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sophie Hirsh</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:16:07 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>&quot;I have wings to fly. I see no limit.&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">These festive holiday cards are perfect for the typography enthusiast</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Chloe Bryan</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:00:10 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Snowflakes made out of asterisks!</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">29 boozy gifts for the whiskey lover in your life</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Brian Koerber</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:00:00 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>When in doubt, just buy a bottle. </p></article></div></section><section class='column box-cell hot-stories waypoint column2' data-fixselector='header.fixable' data-key='rising' id='column-rising'><h1 class='semantic'>What's Rising</h1> <div class='column-content'><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">In Trump&#x27;s America, NFL players are targeted with racist messages</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sam Laird</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:06:01 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>An ugly sign of troubled times. </p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Someone tried to steal Steph Curry&#x27;s shoes from a kid</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Jacob Lauing</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 02:25:00 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Signed, game-used Curry kicks are worth $7,000.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Rogue groin? When filming a &#x27;Star Wars&#x27; movie went kind of NSFW</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Chris Taylor</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 03:32:19 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>For what Diego Luna went through on &#39;Rogue One,&#39; he deserves an Oscar.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">10 years, 4 million YouTube followers – meet the internet&#x27;s favourite mad scientist</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Nikolay Nikolov</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:12:55 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>So we went down to meet him and check out some of his best builds.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Everything that could go wrong with Amazon Go</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Pete Pachal</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 02:31:56 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>How will Amazon Go handle family shopping?</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">This grimly funny meme is pretty much 2016 in a nutshell</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Chloe Bryan</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:19:19 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>2016 has really ruined us, huh?</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">No, this Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset isn&#x27;t real</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sophie Hirsh</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:08:41 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>It was a prank designed by a branding expert.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">How to save all the personal data on your Note7 before Samsung bricks it</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Nicole Gallucci</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:38:21 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>You&#39;re running out of time! Luckily, you have options. </p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">A non-baseball fan&#x27;s guide to the Winter Meetings</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Jacob Lauing</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:18:47 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Teams are making some big moves.</p></article></div></section><section class='column box-cell big-stories waypoint column3' data-fixselector='header.fixable' data-key='hot' id='column-hot'><h1 class='semantic'>What's Hot</h1> <div class='column-content'><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">These heartbreaking images reveal the dreams of refugees</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sam Haysom</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 08:58:24 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>&quot;People want a voice, and they don&#39;t want to be forgotten.&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Reddit-famous and eternally single Bridget is back with her sassy Christmas cards</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sophie Hirsh</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:48:48 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>&quot;Love is sh*t. Merry Christmas!&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">&#x27;Westworld&#x27; meets pop music in cover of &#x27;Rather Be&#x27;</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Sophie Hirsh</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 16:02:16 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>&quot;There&#39;s no place I&#39;d rather beeee (than binging &#39;Westworld&#39;).&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Samsung&#x27;s Note7 kill-switch is deeply disturbing, whether you own one or not</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Pete Pachal</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:14:14 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>When a device depends on a platform, what does ownership mean?</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">What do you buy the &#x27;Archer&#x27; fan who has everything? This.</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Laura Prudom</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:54:12 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>As our favorite gentleman spy says, &quot;Read a book.&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Facebook finds beautiful missing photo for girlfriend of Oakland fire victim</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Christina Careaga</span></h2><time datetime="Sat, 10 Dec 2016 01:57:37 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Sometimes social media can be really beautiful.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">7 awkward office moments we wish we could Warp Strike out of</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Final Fantasy XV</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 17:47:39 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>When you&#39;re Noctis Lucis Caelum, prince of Lucis, by night, and forced to go by “Todd” by day. </p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Don&#x27;t look now, but iPhone 6 battery explosions have been reported in China</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Brett Williams</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:07:28 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>These battery stories just won&#39;t quit.</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">Tumblr is the one social platform taking action ahead of Trump&#x27;s America</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Matt Petronzio</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 20:50:29 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>&quot;The Tumblr community is watching and paying attention.&quot;</p></article><article class="flat"><header><hgroup><h1><a href="">The polar vortex is coming: Brutal Arctic cold waves heading for U.S.</a></h1><h2><span class='byline-meta'>Written by</span> <span class='byline-author'>Andrew Freedman</span></h2><time datetime="Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:50:37 +0000"><post class="post_date rfc2822"></post></time></hgroup></header><p>Don&#39;t freak out, but the polar vortex is back. In a big way. </p></article></div></section></div> </div> </div> <noscript> <div class='posts archive'> <div class='wrapper dates'> <ul class='archive-year'> <li> <a href="/2005/">2005</a> <ul class='archive-month'> <li><a href="/2005/01/">Jan</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/02/">Feb</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/03/">Mar</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/04/">Apr</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/05/">May</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/06/">Jun</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/07/">Jul</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/08/">Aug</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/09/">Sep</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/10/">Oct</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/11/">Nov</a></li> <li><a href="/2005/12/">Dec</a></li> </ul> </li> <li> <a href="/2006/">2006</a> <ul class='archive-month'> <li><a href="/2006/01/">Jan</a></li> <li><a href="/2006/02/">Feb</a></li> <li><a href="/2006/03/">Mar</a></li> <li><a href="/2006/04/">Apr</a></li> <li><a href="/2006/05/">May</a></li> <li><a href="/2006/06/">Jun</a></li> <li><a href="/2006/07/">Jul</a></li> <li><a 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href="/2014/04/">Apr</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/05/">May</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/06/">Jun</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/07/">Jul</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/08/">Aug</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/09/">Sep</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/10/">Oct</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/11/">Nov</a></li> <li><a href="/2014/12/">Dec</a></li> </ul> </li> <li> <a href="/2015/">2015</a> <ul class='archive-month'> <li><a href="/2015/01/">Jan</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/02/">Feb</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/03/">Mar</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/04/">Apr</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/05/">May</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/06/">Jun</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/07/">Jul</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/08/">Aug</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/09/">Sep</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/10/">Oct</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/11/">Nov</a></li> <li><a href="/2015/12/">Dec</a></li> </ul> </li> <li> <a href="/2016/">2016</a> <ul class='archive-month'> <li><a href="/2016/01/">Jan</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/02/">Feb</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/03/">Mar</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/04/">Apr</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/05/">May</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/06/">Jun</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/07/">Jul</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/08/">Aug</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/09/">Sep</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/10/">Oct</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/11/">Nov</a></li> <li><a href="/2016/12/">Dec</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> </div> </noscript> <script> window.postData = {} window.postData["new"] = [{"_id":"584b590a28cc3654bc0004d9","id":"2016/12/09/al-gore-inconvenient-truth-sequel-sundance","title":"Al Gore will open Sundance with a follow-up to 'An Inconvenient Truth'","title_tag":null,"author":"Josh Dickey","post_date":"2016-12-10T01:23:19+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 01:23:19 +0000","formatted_date":" 11 hours ago","formatted_shares":"560","sort_key":"1CfwnJ","link":"","content":{"plain":"Al Gore has found a convenient time to open his follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth: the opening night of the Sundance Film Festival.\nParamount Pictures announced Friday that the former vice president's world climate crisis sequel will crack the seal on the 2017 festival, which kicks off Jan. 19 in Park City, Utah.\nSEE ALSO: The Sundance Film Festival created an entire section of climate change films\nThe follow-up comes 11 years after the original, which still stands as one of the loudest alarms anyone has sounded on climate change in the modern era. An Inconvenient Truth won two Academy Awards -- Best Documentary and Best Original Song -- and grossed $50 million at the worldwide box office.\n\nThe as-yet-untitled follow-up is being produced by activist studio Participant Media, and directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk. It follows Gore's continued fight to save the planet. \n\"Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis,\" Gore said in a statement from Paramount. \"But we have reason to be hopeful; the solutions to the crisis are at hand. I’m deeply honored and grateful that Paramount Pictures and Participant Media have once again taken on the task of bringing the critical story of the climate crisis to the world.\"\nParamount will distribute the film sometime in 2017.\nBONUS: Ship made a voyage that would not have happened without global warming"},"shares":{"facebook":104,"twitter":434,"linked_in":9,"google_plus":12,"pinterest":1,"total":560},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Al Gore will open Sundance with a follow-up to 'An Inconvenient Truth'","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"Di1f9OJS"}]},"excerpt":"\"Now more than ever we must rededicate ourselves to solving the climate crisis.\"","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Entertainment","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Al Gore will open Sundance with a follow-up to 'An Inconvenient Truth'"},{"_id":"584b3bac28cc3654bc000140","id":"2016/12/09/how-to-swap-snap-spectacle-lenses","title":"You can swap Snap Spectacle lenses - here's how","title_tag":null,"author":"Keith Hopkin","post_date":"2016-12-09T23:18:01+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:18:01 +0000","formatted_date":" 13 hours ago","formatted_shares":"464","sort_key":"1Cfuqt","link":"","content":{"plain":"If you have an extra pair of Snap Spectacles laying around, you can swap the lenses. Here's how to do it."},"shares":{"facebook":86,"twitter":359,"google_plus":6,"pinterest":1,"linked_in":12,"total":464},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"You can swap Snap Spectacle lenses - here's how","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"excerpt":"Mix and match!","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"You can swap Snap Spectacle lenses - here's how"},{"_id":"584b341e28cc3654bc00001f","id":"2016/12/09/speakers-lamborghini-exhaust-pipe","title":"These deluxe speakers are made from Lamborghini exhaust pipes","title_tag":null,"author":"Tara Flanigan","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:45:48+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:45:48 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"489","sort_key":"1CftVi","link":"","content":{"plain":"iXOOST is creating the most luxurious car-inspired speakers and collaborated with Lamborghini for its latest design “Esavox.”"},"shares":{"linked_in":19,"facebook":86,"twitter":373,"google_plus":7,"pinterest":4,"total":489},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"These deluxe speakers are made from Lamborghini exhaust pipes","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"excerpt":"An Italian sports car for your living room.","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"These deluxe speakers are made from Lamborghini exhaust pipes"},{"_id":"584b2bf628cc366f05000278","id":"2016/12/09/katherine-johnson-hidden-figures-john-glenn-tribute","title":"The woman whose math sent John Glenn to orbit says goodbye to a 'good man'","title_tag":null,"author":"Miriam Kramer","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:10:55+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:10:55 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"387","sort_key":"1Cftnx","link":"","content":{"plain":"John Glenn, a former NASA astronaut who became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962, died Thursday at the age of 95, and almost immediately, people started sharing their memories and thoughts about the American hero.\nOne of those people was Katherine Johnson, the \"human computer\" who helped check and invent the math that sent Glenn into orbit and brought him back home during his first flight decades ago.\nSEE ALSO: These 'Hidden Figures' portraits profile brainy, badass women\n\"A good man has left Earth for the last time. John Glenn's life will long be remembered for his time in space, his courage and his service to all Americans,\" Johnson said in a statement Friday.\nJohnson's life is the subject of the new movie Hidden Figures, which chronicles her work at NASA as well as the work of Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson -- two other African-American \"human computers\" who left a mark on the space agency but have not been widely celebrated until now.\n\nNASA credits Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson) with \"verifying the calculations made by early electronic computers of John Glenn’s 1962 launch to orbit and the 1969 Apollo 11 trajectory to the moon.\"\nGlen Powell, the actor who plays Glenn in Hidden Figures, also paid tribute to Glenn's life on Twitter.\nNow THAT is how you live a life! Godspeed, John Glenn. A true gentleman who humbly touched the stars and made us believe in the impossible.— Glen Powell (@glenpowell) December 8, 2016\n\nIn Hidden Figures, Johnson -- who faces horrible discrimination due to her status as an African-American woman working in a white male space in the 1960s -- is key to NASA Langley's goal of putting Glenn into orbit after the Soviet Union sent Yuri Gagarin up months before. \nHidden Figures will be released in theaters across the U.S. on Jan. 6, with limited release starting Christmas Day.\nBONUS: NASA just launched a spacecraft to help us find the origins of life on Earth"},"shares":{"twitter":259,"facebook":120,"linked_in":3,"google_plus":4,"pinterest":1,"total":387},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"The woman whose math sent John Glenn to orbit says goodbye to a 'good man'","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"AYGP9HRh"}]},"excerpt":"Former NASA 'human computer' Katherine Johnson paid tribute to John Glenn on Friday.","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Entertainment","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"The woman whose math sent John Glenn to orbit says goodbye to a 'good man'"},{"_id":"584b29a9f11b2c47900001cf","id":"2016/12/09/christmas-card-prank-chief-keef","title":"This Christmas card is definitely not what it seems","title_tag":null,"author":"Sophie Hirsh","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:01:09+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:01:09 +0000","formatted_date":" 15 hours ago","formatted_shares":"443","sort_key":"1Cfte5","link":"","content":{"plain":"If you ask Morgan Svobodny's friends and family, she dropped out of college, is pregnant and is living happily with her new boyfriend, rapper Chief Keef. \nIf you ask Morgan herself, she was the butt of her brother Zach's pretty epic Christmas prank.\nSvobodny tweeted out photos of the Christmas card her brother sent out this year, which features an announcement that her and the 21-year-old rapper are in a relationship.\nSEE ALSO: Reddit-famous and eternally single Bridget is back with her sassy Christmas cards\n\"OMG MY BROTHER IS SUCH AN ASS. HE PHOTOSHOPPED A PIC OF ME WITH CHIEF KEEF & SENT OUT THESE CHRISTMAS CARDS😭😭,\" she wrote on Twitter.\nOMG MY BROTHER IS SUCH AN ASS. HE PHOTOSHOPPED A PIC OF ME WITH CHIEF KEEF & SENT OUT THESE CHRISTMAS CARDS😭😭— morgan✨ (@MorganSvobodny) December 8, 2016\n\nThe card reads:\nHappy holidays, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and are looking forward to making 2017 even better. This year has treated me fantastic!\nSince September, I've been in a very serious relationship with an amazing guy named Keith Cozart, a famous rapper who some of you may know as Chief Keef. He has many hit songs that you've probably heard, such as \"That's The Shit I Don't Like,\" \"I Hate Being Sober\" and \"These Bitches Love Sosa.\" Keith is an amazing guy with a lot going for him and this is the happiest I've been in at least 6 months! I dropped out of college last month because I found out that I'm pregnant and I'm pretty sure Keith is the dad (not positive though). Keith and I plan on moving to Atlanta in March and we couldn't be more excited!!\nBest wishes to you all in 2017!!\nP.S. Bang Bang\nHer brother has mad Photoshop skills. He turned these...\n\n...into this masterpiece:\n\nTwitter thinks the whole prank is pretty damn glorious.\n@MorganSvobodny @micamaryjane @ZachSvobodny hand in there tho - attention to detail 😂— ✌🏾️ daquandary (@anderother) December 9, 2016\n\n@MorganSvobodny @ZachSvobodny Even my dad laughed at this— Se Kwon (@kwonjse) December 9, 2016\n\n@Heathzz09 @MorganSvobodny @ZachSvobodny just too good🙏— Mortcia (@Midwesterndaisy) December 9, 2016\n\n@Midwesterndaisy @MorganSvobodny @ZachSvobodny FOR REALL!! And when he started listing the fucking songs. Like gd it. 😂😂 savage.— Princess Randy 👑 (@Heathzz09) December 9, 2016\n\nWe'd like to extend our best wishes to the Svobodny-Keef family this holiday season.\n\nBONUS: This viral Christmas ad is giving us all the holiday feels"},"shares":{"stumble_upon":8,"facebook":64,"twitter":361,"google_plus":5,"linked_in":3,"pinterest":2,"total":443},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"This Christmas card is definitely not what it seems","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"uWbTMtdm"}]},"excerpt":"Photoshop FTW.","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"This Christmas card is definitely not what it seems"},{"_id":"584b2524f11b2c47900001ae","id":"2016/12/09/watch-esports-dota-league","title":"This weekend in esports: 'Dota 2' Major and 'League of Legends' All-Star Event","title_tag":null,"author":"Kellen Beck","post_date":"2016-12-09T21:41:54+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 21:41:54 +0000","formatted_date":" 15 hours ago","formatted_shares":"531","sort_key":"1CfsVs","link":"","content":{"plain":"It can be tough to keep track of everything going on in the world of professional competitive gaming. Fear not: Each week, Mashable rounds up the best and biggest tournaments in esports to let you know when they're going down, and where to catch all the action. Plug in.\nThis weekend, you're looking at the first Dota 2 Major of the 2016-2017 season, the League of Legends All-Star showdown and the last major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament of the year.\nSEE ALSO: Best esports plays of the week: Nov. 28 to Dec. 4\nCheck out what's going on this weekend and next week below.\nDota 2 -- The Boston Major\n\nWhen: Friday and Saturday starting at 10 a.m. ET. Grand finals on Saturday at 6 p.m. ET.Where to watch: Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.\nThe Boston Major is the first Major of the 2016-2017 Dota 2 season, pitting 16 top teams against each other in a single elimination bracket with a $3 million prize pool. The round-of-16 started Wednesday where International 2016 champions Wings Gaming were knocked out by Evil Geniuses. EG faces The Summit 6 champions at 10 a.m. Friday in the quarterfinals.\nLeague of Legends -- 2016 All-Star Event \n\nWhen: Friday through Sunday starting at 10 a.m. ET.Where to watch: Twitch and YouTube\nThe League of Legends All-Star series is back, featuring fan-voted favorites from around the world competing against each other on all-star teams and in 1v1 duels. Each day features three region vs. region all-star matches, a handful of duels, and at least one special-rules match. \nCS:GO -- Esports Championship Series Season 2\n\nWhen: Friday through Sunday starting at 11:15 a.m. PT, Saturday starting at 10:15 a.m. PT. Grand finals on Sunday at 6 p.m. PT.Where to watch: Twitch.\nThe Esports Championship Series Season 2 is the last major CS:GO tournament of 2016, and features several recent tournament champions competing over a $750,000 prize pool. Kicking off group play Friday: a rematch of the ELeague grand finals: champions OpTic Gaming vs. runners-up Astralis. ESL Pro League Season 4 winners Cloud9 and Major champions SK Gaming are among the eight teams left in ECS.\nBONUS: Will Ferrell is becoming a pro upcoming esports film"},"shares":{"linked_in":6,"twitter":455,"google_plus":8,"facebook":62,"total":531},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"This weekend in esports: 'Dota 2' Major and 'League of Legends' All-Star Event","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"fKhQ6YHX"}]},"excerpt":"Where and how to watch all the best upcoming esports events.","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Entertainment","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"This weekend in esports: 'Dota 2' Major and 'League of Legends' All-Star Event"},{"_id":"584b02fa28cc365d2f0014a2","id":"2016/12/09/dads-affirmations-daughters","title":"Dads teach their daughters empowering, positive affirmations","title_tag":null,"author":"Sophie Hirsh","post_date":"2016-12-09T19:16:07+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:16:07 +0000","formatted_date":" 17 hours ago","formatted_shares":"349","sort_key":"1CfqEn","link":"","content":{"plain":"\"If I fall, I will get back up.\"\n\"I am little, but I'm a force.\"\n\"I have black girl magic.\"\n\"I have wings to fly. I see no limit.\"\n\"I can achieve anything with hard work.\"\nThese are just a few of the awesome affirmations dads taught their daughters in a video released by The Scene. Each giggly pair looked in the mirror, with each young girl confidently repeating affirmation after affirmation.\nYou might want to write some of these down for yourself.'Westworld' meets pop music in cover of 'Rather Be'Dad's life-long dream comes true and he cries the happy tears to prove itBrilliant dad uses Google Home to troll his kidsCouple's stop-motion video shows what happens after you eat watermelon seeds"},"shares":{"facebook":108,"twitter":235,"google_plus":3,"linked_in":2,"pinterest":1,"total":349},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Dads teach their daughters empowering, positive affirmations","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"excerpt":"\"I have wings to fly. I see no limit.\"","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Dads teach their daughters empowering, positive affirmations"},{"_id":"584aff3d28cc365d2f0013a0","id":"2016/12/09/typography-holiday-cards","title":"These festive holiday cards are perfect for the typography enthusiast","title_tag":null,"author":"Chloe Bryan","post_date":"2016-12-09T19:00:10+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:00:10 +0000","formatted_date":" 18 hours ago","formatted_shares":"612","sort_key":"1CfqoW","link":"","content":{"plain":"These holiday cards are perfect for the font lover in your life. And yes, we know you have a font lover in your life.\nMilan-based illustrator and graphic designer Luca Milani makes the festive designs for his cards, which are part of his ongoing Font Love project, out of standard typography characters.\nThe designs are festive, yet unfussy -- perfect for the loved one who prefers a minimalist approach to holiday décor. Behold, for example, a stately Christmas tree made from curly brackets, and snowflakes that are also asterisks.\nSEE ALSO: 30 holiday cards for family members with a sense of humor\nThere are even little candy canes made from the letter J. Wait ... can fonts do anything?\n\nAnd these fonts aren't one size fits all, either. According to his Behance page, Milani selects a different font for each design to \"show how each font provides different graphic features, such as a sans-serif font is more appropriate in a context rather than a serif font is more appropriate in another.\"\nHe's right -- a Times New Roman snowflake just wouldn't be the same.\nThe above designs, among others, are available in both card and print form on Milani's Society6 page.\n[H/T: DesignTaxi]\n\nBONUS: This Polish Christmas ad has gone viral"},"shares":{"facebook":74,"twitter":525,"google_plus":8,"linked_in":4,"pinterest":1,"total":612},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"These festive holiday cards are perfect for the typography enthusiast","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"r6HQjsgg"}]},"excerpt":"Snowflakes made out of asterisks!","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"These festive holiday cards are perfect for the typography enthusiast"},{"_id":"584b00d6f11b2c6a64001aeb","id":"2016/12/09/whiskey-gifts-gift-ideas","title":"29 boozy gifts for the whiskey lover in your life","title_tag":null,"author":"Brian Koerber","post_date":"2016-12-09T19:00:00+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:00:00 +0000","formatted_date":" 18 hours ago","formatted_shares":"480","sort_key":"1CfqoM","link":"","content":{"plain":"We all know that one person who maybe likes whiskey a little too much. \nThe world of whiskey is vast and confusing, especially if you don't know your rye from your scotch. This can make buying a gift for the whiskey aficionado in your life a little bit overwhelming. \nSo if you're fresh out of ideas or you need a shove in the right direction, check out these gift ideas that every whiskey lover will love.  \n1. The Glencairn Whiskey Glass\n\nPrice: $7.95\n2. Whiskey ice balls\n\nPrice: $19.99 for 2 \n3. A set of whiskey stones to cool down their drink without adding water\n\nPrice: $19.95\n4. You can even get them personalized\n\nPrice: $15.50\n5. Or a set of steel balls\n\nPrice: $19.95\n6. Or some 'wax dipped' Tumblr glasses\n\nPrice: $36\n7. A personalized whiskey barrel\n\nPrice: $49.99\n8. Or a personalized decanter\n\nPrice: $44.99\n9. A fancy decanter shaped like a globe\n\nPrice: $75\n10. Oak barrel infusion spiral \n\nPrice: $6.40 \n11. A flight made out of a whiskey barrel\n\nPrice: $55\n12. A set of aromatic bitters\n\nPrice: $97.77\n13. A nice cocktail shaker\n\nPrice: $14.99\n14. A set of bar tools\n\nPrice: $21.95\n15. A whiskey cocktail book\n\nPrice: $14.71\n16. Whiskey soaked campfire jerky \n\nPrice: $16\n17. Bourbon pecan pie filling\n\nPrice: $18\n18. Whiskey barrel coffee\n\nPrice: $50\n19. Scotch infused toothpicks \n\nPrice: $35.95\n\n20. Whiskey scented tea light candles \n\n21. Or one that's a bit larger\n\nPrice: $9.99\n22. Whiskey soap\n\nPrice: $7\n23. Whiskey barrel ring\n\nPrice: $100\n24. Whiskey and Fire lip balm\n\nPrice: $3.48 \n25. Or scotch lip balm\n\nPrice: $4\n26. Fireball Whiskey drops\n\nBut when all else fails, just buy them a bottle.\n27. Whistle Pig is a great Rye\n\n28. Booker's is a favorite among bourbon lovers\n\n29. And you can't go wrong with a bottle of Laphroaig 18 year for the scotch lovers\n\nBONUS: The Drinking Jacket Keeps Your Beer Cold, Your Hands Warm, Much More"},"shares":{"facebook":164,"twitter":306,"google_plus":5,"linked_in":3,"pinterest":2,"total":480},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"175x175#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"350x350#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"80x80#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"160x160#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"29 boozy gifts for the whiskey lover in your life","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"bJVdpEzO"}]},"excerpt":"When in doubt, just buy a bottle. ","sponsorship_footer":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"29 boozy gifts for the whiskey lover in your life"}] window.postData["rising"] = [{"_id":"584b38ddf11b2c4b54000032","id":"2016/12/09/nfl-players-racism","title":"In Trump's America, NFL players are targeted with racist messages","title_tag":null,"author":"Sam Laird","post_date":"2016-12-09T23:06:01+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:06:01 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"685","sort_key":"1CfDQ4","link":"","content":{"plain":"For anyone who still thought sports was a bubble where you could avoid the world's real problems, painful evidence to the contrary emerged again this week. \nTwo NFL players showed they were targeted with racist, hate-filled messages by -- well, we certainly won't call them fans. \nSEE ALSO: 'Courageous' teens who protested while playing national anthem are part of 50 years of history\nFirst up is New York Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock, whose home was broken into by intruders who scrawled racist graffiti on the walls, including a swastika, \"Fucking n*****\" and \"KKK.\" \nThen there was the message graffiti'd near a stairwell: \"Trump.\" \n\"I’m one of the last people you think this would happen to,” Whitlock told \"I’m in a nice area, I make good money, I keep to myself, and I’m not flashy. … Instead of coming close to home they came inside. I have a lot of peers and a lot of family and people in my circle who don’t believe these kinds of things can happen to them or to me or to us. Everybody thinks 'Oh, wow, that was close to home' because it was in your town or it was in the city next to you. We’re not the only ones affected by this.\"\nHe shared a couple photos on Instagram. \n Racism is real and instead of close to home this time they came inside. My family is safe but we are saddened by the hate. Thanks to the Moonachie Police Department for all of your help! #Haters #Racism #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #SidelineRacism A photo posted by Nikita Whitlock (@nikita.whitlock) on Dec 7, 2016 at 11:47am PST\nWhitlock certainly isn't alone -- the Southern Poverty Law Center says racist incidents are on the rise since Donald Trump was elected last month. \nHe's not even alone among NFL players. \nDenver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall on Friday shared a letter that was sent to him via team headquarters. The letter's writer called him a \"worthless fucking n*****,\" a \"porch monkey,\" told him to \"go back to the jungle\" and more. \nIt also included a veiled threat: \"Your time is coming, watch out n*****!\"\nMarshall shared a photo of the letter on Instagram. \n The hatred by some against people of color is one of the reasons we are where we're at in the world today, and they wonder why we feel the way we do and take the stances that we take. I received this letter at work. A photo posted by Brandon Marshall (@bmarshh54) on Dec 9, 2016 at 9:54am PST\nThis sort of abuse isn't restricted to the sports world -- rather, it reflects how racists in general have become emboldened in 2016. The vileness that targeted Marshall and Whitlock represents something happening right now in American society at large, something the Southern Poverty Law Center and others have been tracking. \nHere's another frightening look -- one that also emerged just this week -- at this dynamic playing out beyond the sports world. \nThank you to the brave hotel guest who filmed this hate crime taking place as masked white men terrorized indigenous men in North Dakota.— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) December 9, 2016\n\nMarshall may have been targeted because he was one of the first NFL players to join San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem before games this season. The silent, peaceful protests that have spread across the sports world over the past few months are intended to spotlight the mistreatment of minorities, particularly black people, in America. \nMarshall's silent protest may have enraged the racist who sent him that angry letter. But the bitter irony is that in doing so the writer only proved Marshall's point and further validated his protests. "},"shares":{"facebook":250,"twitter":412,"google_plus":15,"linked_in":8,"total":685},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"In Trump's America, NFL players are targeted with racist messages","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"velocity":[5,5,5,5,5,5,6,5,6,6,6,6,6,6,1000,999,998,997,997,996,996,985,916,6,6,10,10,6,54,6,6,6,6,7,6,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,6,6],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Sports","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"In Trump's America, NFL players are targeted with racist messages"},{"_id":"584b678028cc3654bc000705","id":"2016/12/09/steph-curry-shoes","title":"Someone tried to steal Steph Curry's shoes from a kid","title_tag":null,"author":"Jacob Lauing","post_date":"2016-12-10T02:25:00+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 02:25:00 +0000","formatted_date":" 10 hours ago","formatted_shares":"627","sort_key":"1CfAXf","link":"","content":{"plain":"Though sales of Steph Curry's \"Curry 3\" Under Armour sneakers are down, the reigning NBA MVP's kicks are still a hot commodity. \nAnd if they're both signed and game-used, it seems like fans will do anything in there power to snag a pair, even if that means prying them away from the tiny hands of a young basketball fan. \nSEE ALSO: A non-baseball fan's guide to the Winter Meetings\nThe Golden State Warriors point guard put up 26 points in Thursday's 106-99 win over the Utah Jazz. Signed, game-used Curry sneakers go for upwards of $7,000, so naturally, a frenzy ensued after the game when Curry signed his kicks and tried to pass them along to a young fan. \nAfter game, Steph Curry took sneakers off & signed for little kid. Someone tried to steal, but kid got them. Steph barefoot to lockerroom.☺️— Rosalyn Gold-Onwude (@ROSGO21) December 9, 2016\n\nLuckily, security intervened, so the sneakers got into the right hands.\n \nBONUS: This revolutionary bike is powered by your steps"},"shares":{"twitter":520,"facebook":92,"linked_in":7,"google_plus":8,"total":627},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Someone tried to steal Steph Curry's shoes from a kid","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"XwuX06yd"}]},"velocity":[960,1000,999,958],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Sports","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Someone tried to steal Steph Curry's shoes from a kid"},{"_id":"584b7746f11b2c4b54000257","id":"2016/12/09/rogue-one-tudyk-balls","title":"Rogue groin? When filming a 'Star Wars' movie went kind of NSFW","title_tag":null,"author":"Chris Taylor","post_date":"2016-12-10T03:32:19+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 03:32:19 +0000","formatted_date":" 9 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.1k","sort_key":"1CfzdO","link":"","content":{"plain":"Moviemaking is rarely quite as glamorous as it's cracked up to be -- even when we're talking about Star Wars moviemaking. \nThat much was evident to Diego Luna, who plays Captain Cassian Andor in the forthcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, once he started working with Alan Tudyk, who plays the droid K-2SO. \nYou see, although on the screen K-2 is a 7-foot-1 droid made entirely of computer graphics, Tudyk was on set in all those scenes. This was so the other actors, primarily Luna, would have someone to act against. \nBut because Tudyk is not 7-foot-1 -- he's a mere six-footer -- he had to wear stilts on the set, along with a rather tight-fitting costume for CGI-mapping purposes. And that in turn meant -- well, let's let Luna tell the story.\n\"The first month, we just couldn’t look at [Tudyk] because he did look ridiculous,\" Luna told a conference of Star Wars journalists earlier this week. \"It was the tightest pajamas ever. Because he had these stilts, you were always the height of his balls. It was quite intimidating!\"\nThat's right -- every time Cassian Andor looks up at K-2 during Rogue One, it means Luna is trying his damnedest not to think about the fact that his eyes are level with Tudyk's nether region. \nGive that man an Oscar.\nAfter the conference, we asked Tudyk to confirm the story -- which he gladly did. \"He was level with my balls, yeah,\" Tudyk told Mashable. \"That was not an exaggeration.\"\nAnd if one of your first thoughts is \"how did he go to the bathroom?\" the answer is, with great difficulty. \n\"Taking off the stilts was a pain in the ass,\" Tudyk said -- so he just went as he was. \"It made going to the restroom difficult. Aiming was an issue. No one wanted to be next to you. Also I could see over all the stalls.\" \nSo if you were in Pinewood studios last year, answering the call of nature, and you were suddenly horrified to see a guy in tight pajamas on stilts staring down at your cubicle -- now you know.\nPerhaps Tudyk's intimidating position had some influence on another fact we learned: that he got to ad-lib quite a few of his lines. \nYou may have seen the Rogue One clip released last week in which K-2 is concerned that Jyn Erso has acquired a weapon and is trying to explain this concern to Andor. (The two are both seated, luckily for Luna.) \nAs written, the line went \"would you like to know the odds of her using that weapon on you?\" But it was Tudyk who added, after a beat, the laugh line: \"really high!\"\nWe also asked Tudyk to explain why all droids in the Empire -- well, himself and C-3PO -- seem to have English accents. \"He has an accent because people in the upper ranks of the Empire had English accents,\" Tudyk explained. \"We tried to make it consistent.\" \nStill, the American actor thoroughly enjoyed putting the voice on. \"I always thought the English could get away with saying things that are so blunt ... but the accent takes the edge off so you don't feel it as an insult,\" he says. \n\"K-2 doesn't go out of his way to insult anyone, but if he doesn't like you, he'll let you know.\"\nFor Luna's sake, we hope that doesn't involve any crotch-grabbing. "},"shares":{"facebook":112,"twitter":914,"google_plus":15,"linked_in":11,"pinterest":1,"total":1053},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Rogue groin? When filming a 'Star Wars' movie went kind of NSFW","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"velocity":[845,1000,852,967,778,679,652,635,571,557,549,546,526,519,512,507,516,516],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Entertainment","channel_link":"","sponsored_by":"","sponsored_by_url":"","tweet_text":"Rogue groin? When filming a 'Star Wars' movie went kind of NSFW"},{"_id":"584b2c6bf11b2c47900001de","id":"2016/12/09/colin-furze-youtube-mad-scientist","title":"10 years, 4 million YouTube followers – meet the internet's favourite mad scientist","title_tag":null,"author":"Nikolay Nikolov","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:12:55+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:12:55 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"732","sort_key":"1Cfz2d","link":"","content":{"plain":"Colin Furze has come a long way from his first videos, posted 10 years ago on his YouTube channel. That same channel now has over 3.9 million followers, making Furze one of the internet's favorite inventors/adrenaline junkies/mad scientists.\nFurze lives in a house with a big backyard in Stamford, Linconshire, which is basically where he builds most of his inventions. I went down there to meet with Furze and speak with him about his online longevity, and, hopefully, try out some of his creations. \nFurze welcomed me in through the backyard, where his homemade hoverbike and jet-powered go-kart lay. He then set off to go change into his trademark checkered shirt and tie outfit. Kind of like a thinner, sprightlier and British version of Jack Black in School of Rock.\nSpeaking inside his shed and then moving on into his bunker, dug underneath his backyard, Furze and I discussed has path to YouTube stardom, which he mostly shrugged jokingly. \n\"I never went to university, I used to be a plumber – a very good job, but it's not really that useful when you're trying to make jet bikes or bunkers. It did come in handy when I built the world's fastest toilet.\" Now, he said, he's just happy that he can \"fly the flag for plumbers.\" \nBut, ten years later, Furze's videos are more than just about wacky, at times dangerous, inventions. Some are straight out of the science fiction world and are mind-blowing in their simplicity and effectiveness. \nTake his magnetic shoes, inspired by Magneto from X-Men, that allowed him to walk on a ceiling. Or his toaster knife, which toasts bread as it slices it and comes right out of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. \nBut it's his latest project that is also his most colossal – and somewhat topical in light of the upcoming 'Rogue One' premiere– Furze built a gigantic Star Wars AT-AT garden den. \nAnd in that video I noticed something has changed in Furze's video repertoire – a cameo by his sons, eagerly climbing up to defend the AT-AT from impeding alien intruders. \nCan we expect an entire family of Furze inventors? We'll just have to wait and see."},"shares":{"facebook":338,"twitter":367,"google_plus":12,"pinterest":1,"linked_in":14,"total":732},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"10 years, 4 million YouTube followers – meet the internet's favourite mad scientist","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"UK965KNA","data-template":"postlead"}]},"velocity":[966,962,980,1000,984,976,947,952,950,946,937,935,933,931,930,992,964,961,949,951,969,951,954,953,931,922,920,918,916,916,912,911,909],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"10 years, 4 million YouTube followers – meet the internet's favourite mad scientist"},{"_id":"584b691ff11b2c4b54000124","id":"2016/12/09/amazon-go-mashtalk-podcast","title":"Everything that could go wrong with Amazon Go","title_tag":null,"author":"Pete Pachal","post_date":"2016-12-10T02:31:56+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 02:31:56 +0000","formatted_date":" 10 hours ago","formatted_shares":"837","sort_key":"1CfydU","link":"","content":{"plain":"The world got a little more magical this week. Amazon showed off its vision of the future of grocery shopping with Amazon Go, and the consensus is that the checkout-less store is truly amazing -- assuming the online retail giant can pull it off.\nOn this week's MashTalk, that's exactly what we debate. Mashable Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff and I talk about the tech behind Amazon Go as well as its potential problems -- logistical, technological and ethical. Whether or not Amazon actually ends up becoming a brick-and-mortar retailer from the move, it's definitely a more compelling vision than delivery drones.\nSEE ALSO: IBM predicted Amazon Go back in 2006\nLance and I also tackle another timely topic: connected toys, which are sure to be a hit this holiday season. But dollies and robots that respond to voice and iPhone apps may be a huge security risk, depending on how they share data. Could bad guys really hack into your Christmas? We break it down in the podcast.\nAs always, be sure to subscribe to MashTalk on whatever podcast platform you use and don't forget to leave your questions and comments by tweeting @Mash_Talk with the #MashTalk hashtag.\nBONUS: This viral Christmas ad is giving us all the holiday feels"},"shares":{"google_plus":15,"facebook":98,"linked_in":25,"twitter":698,"pinterest":1,"total":837},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Everything that could go wrong with Amazon Go","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"uWbTMtdm"}]},"velocity":[1000,998,995,981,980,977,974],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Everything that could go wrong with Amazon Go"},{"_id":"584b2f3e28cc362f93000003","id":"2016/12/09/me-at-beginning-of-2016-vs-end-meme","title":"This grimly funny meme is pretty much 2016 in a nutshell","title_tag":null,"author":"Chloe Bryan","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:19:19+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:19:19 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"522","sort_key":"1Cfwyn","link":"","content":{"plain":"Oof, guys. 2016 has really ruined us, huh?\nAnd now, as this bad, bad year comes to a close, there's finally a meme that captures the unmitigated exhaustion settling in our bones.\nSEE ALSO: A sexy Kenny G meme war is what the internet does best\nOn Twitter, people are sharing highly accurate \"before and after\" photos of what they felt like at the beginning of 2016 vs. at its long-awaited end. Spoiler: People felt okay at the beginning and now they feel like tired, crusty garbage.\nThanks for everything, 2016. You are the worst, and you will forever remain our enemy.\nme at the start of 2016/me at the end of 2016— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) December 8, 2016\n\nMe at the start of 2016 / Me at the end of 2016— Mike Sampson (@mjsamps) December 8, 2016\n\nMe at the beginning of 2016 vs Me now— Sam Grittner (@SamGrittner) December 9, 2016\n\nme at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016— Hep Alien 👽 (@carlylane) December 8, 2016\n\nMe at the start of 2016 vs me at the end— Trilly Tweetman (@trillballins) December 9, 2016\n\nme at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016— Gabe Bergado (@gabebergado) December 9, 2016\n\nme at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016— Lane Moore (@hellolanemoore) December 9, 2016\n\nme at the beginning of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016— Alex Fitzpatrick (@AlexJamesFitz) December 8, 2016\n\nme at the beginning of 2016 vs. me at the end of 2016— rogue juan (@snooze4love) December 9, 2016\n\nMe at the beginning of 2016; me at the end of 2016.— Rachel Vorona Cote (@RVoronaCote) December 9, 2016\n\nBONUS: This triple spiral of 15,000 dominoes falling down is incredibly satisfying to watch"},"shares":{"facebook":222,"twitter":294,"google_plus":2,"linked_in":4,"total":522},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"This grimly funny meme is pretty much 2016 in a nutshell","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"a8bbeR1j"}]},"velocity":[960,1000,955,950,939,936],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"This grimly funny meme is pretty much 2016 in a nutshell"},{"_id":"584b478c28cc3654bc000288","id":"2016/12/09/fisher-price-happy-hour-playset","title":"No, this Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset isn't real","title_tag":null,"author":"Sophie Hirsh","post_date":"2016-12-10T00:08:41+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:08:41 +0000","formatted_date":" 13 hours ago","formatted_shares":"821","sort_key":"1Cfw7j","link":"","content":{"plain":"Adam Padilla, the Co-Founder and Director of Branding for BrandFire, is responsible for the latest bit of fakery to flood the internet. \nLuckily, this time it's all in good fun. \nPadilla made an image of a Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset in Photoshop; the playset supposedly features a bar, stool and plastic beer bottles for kids to play with.\nSEE ALSO: 'Lives are at risk:' Hillary Clinton blasts fake news\nPadilla likes to post humorous original images on his Instagram account adam.the.creator – and this has been one of his most successful posts.\n\"My 21 month-old daughter gave me the idea while playing on her kitchen playset at our apartment,\" Padilla told Mashable. I mentioned to my wife, Willow, that it would be hilarious if a major toy company created a bar set for toddlers.\n\"The next day I Photoshopped the package design and posted it on my Instagram with a caption that made it seem like it was an actual product. Many of my fellow 'meme friends' like black_humorist, thedailylit and highfiveexpert got a kick out of it, but it really took off the next day when someone posted it on Facebook and Reddit.\"\n Whom wants this for Xmas? 😭🎁 A photo posted by Adam The Creator Ⓜ️ (@adam.the.creator) on Dec 5, 2016 at 12:46pm PST\nMost of the responses Padilla has seen have been positive ones -- with many social media users wishing it were a real product.\n\"The reaction has been absolutely incredible,\" Padilla says. \"Most people recognize that it is a joke, and think it is hilarious. Many of my close friends have seen it passed around their individual social circles with comments like, 'you should buy this for your nephew!' It seems that people really got a good laugh, which is awesome.\"\nSome parents even posted on Fisher-Price's Facebook page, urging the toy manufacturer to consider the fake product.\n\nOf course, some people didn't realize the playset was a joke, and expressed their shock on Fisher-Price's Facebook page.\n\nPadilla was pleasantly surprised by the toymaker's response.\n\"Fisher-Price even issued a release that recognized the humor and assured parents that they are not involved in the parody,\" he told Mashable. It's refreshing to see a major brand so hip to culture that it took the joke in stride and reacted in a very human way … with reason, humor and intelligence.  But overall it has been a lot of fun to see the story go national.\"\nThere's a serious side to this fake product news, however. Padilla thinks it is an important reminder of how it's important to be vigilant on the internet.\n\"It goes to show the power of the internet to take a story viral,\" he says. \"The right mix of pop culture and realism, with a bit of technical skill can really send something around the world pretty quickly.\n\"It’s amazing to see and hopefully can inspire some creative thinking out there. Most importantly, I feel like it’s crucial to scrutinize what you see online and not be too quick to accept things as factual just because you saw them posted someplace. \n\"Use your judgement and be smart about what you read. A lot of this is just common sense.\"\nBONUS: This triple spiral of 15,000 dominoes falling down is incredibly satisfying to watch"},"shares":{"facebook":334,"twitter":467,"google_plus":7,"linked_in":13,"total":821},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"No, this Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset isn't real","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"a8bbeR1j"}]},"velocity":[1000,971,561,561,561,561,561,560,560,560,560,560,559,559,559,569,568],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"No, this Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset isn't real"},{"_id":"584b4071f11b2c4b54000050","id":"2016/12/09/note7-samsung-galaxy-brick-advice","title":"How to save all the personal data on your Note7 before Samsung bricks it","title_tag":null,"author":"Nicole Gallucci","post_date":"2016-12-09T23:38:21+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:38:21 +0000","formatted_date":" 13 hours ago","formatted_shares":"813","sort_key":"1CfvoN","link":"","content":{"plain":"Attention Samsung Galaxy Note7 owners: the time has come at last to give up on those potentially explosive devices in your pocket.\nSamsung has revealed plans to remotely update all Galaxy Note 7 devices in the U.S., starting Dec. 19. The update will leave the phone \"bricked\" -- which means it will no longer be able to charge or work with cellular networks. (Unless you have Verizon, which is so far refusing to push out the update.\nNote7 owners who refused to trade in the dangerous devices following the production halt in October must take action before Samsung renders their phones unusable.\nSEE ALSO: Samsung is taking a drastic step to permanently end the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco\nSo if you own a Note7, you're probably scrambling to ensure the personal info on your Note7 device doesn't get lost before Samsung bricks it. \nFear not -- here are some ways to safely store data from your Note7 so you can transfer it to another Android device -- or maybe even take the plunge and switch to iOS.\nBacking up with Samsung Cloud\nNote7 owners may have had quite a rough ride these past few months. But at least the devices utilize the Samsung Cloud, which should ensure all of your data is backed up.\nTo view and manage your Cloud preferences, open \"Settings,\" \"Cloud and accounts\" and \"Samsung Cloud\". Using your 15 GB of free Cloud storage, you can backup data such as contacts, calendar events and notes. Then select the \"Back up my data\" option on the Samsung Cloud screen to add apps, messages and music.\nIf the Samsung Cloud's 15 GB of storage isn't enough for you, consider offloading photographs and additional data onto a microSD card.\nBacking up with a Gmail account\nBacking up your Android device is simple, especially if you have a Gmail account. The Google-owned system makes storing your contacts and other settings a breeze; just don't forget to back up your photos and videos separately via Google Photos.\nChances are that your information is already being synced to your Gmail account, thanks to the default setting, but it's definitely worth checking.\nTo make sure Gmail sync is enabled on your Note7 device, go to the \"Clouds and accounts\" page under \"Settings,\" then click \"Accounts\" and \"Google\" to choose what stuff you're syncing.  \nFinally, visit the \"Backup and reset\" tab under \"Cloud and accounts\" to ensure that \"Back up my data\" is enabled. \nSamsung's Smart Switch app\nWith the Smart Switch app you can easily transfer contacts, photos, messages and settings between Android, iOS, and even BlackBerry devices. \nThe app should be preinstalled on all Galaxy devices, so this option is a no-brainer.\n\nApple's Move to iOS app\nTransferring from Android to iOS? It's a big step, but the two operating systems are more compatible than you might think -- and Apple is here to help. \nDownload Apple's Move to iOS app for Android devices in the Google Play store. This lets you transfer your contacts, your message history and more to your Apple device, via a Wi-Fi network. \n\nGood luck out there in your soon-to-be Note7-less world. May the data be with you. \n\nBONUS: 5 awesome Android phones to replace your Galaxy Note7"},"shares":{"facebook":222,"twitter":545,"google_plus":19,"linked_in":26,"pinterest":1,"total":813},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"How to save all the personal data on your Note7 before Samsung bricks it","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"BztWrBtQ"}]},"velocity":[1000,999,996,993],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"How to save all the personal data on your Note7 before Samsung bricks it"},{"_id":"584b2dcaf11b2c47900002d4","id":"2016/12/09/baseball-mlb-winter-meetings","title":"A non-baseball fan's guide to the Winter Meetings","title_tag":null,"author":"Jacob Lauing","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:18:47+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:18:47 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"395","sort_key":"1Cfu6s","link":"","content":{"plain":"Thursday marked the end of MLB's Winter Meetings, when each team's top brass converge on a hotel and jam pack a bunch of offseason trades into one week. \nFor baseball fans, it's heaven, the first major MLB event since the World Series. But it also tends to be heavy on conjecture and rumor — a lot of \"X team talking to X players about a deal.\" If you're not a big baseball fan, it's easy for the big takeaways to get lost in the clutter. \nSEE ALSO: This pro baseball player is willing to go anywhere — except Oakland\nSo, here are the MLB teams that left the winter meetings as big winners. \n1. The Boston Red Sox pitching staff is insane\nBoston made arguably the biggest splash this week, trading for five-time All-Star starting pitcher Chris Sale, who was widely considered the top ace up for grabs. \nSale will front a rotation that already includes Cy Young Award-winners David Price and Rick Porcello. Boston also added shutdown reliever Tyler Thornburg, so yeah, the Red Sox pitching staff just got really, really good. \nY U P.@DAVIDprice24 @RickPorcello #ChrisSale #RedSoxNationThe @RedSox 2017 big three by @RedSoxLA— Red Sox L.A. (@RedSoxLA) December 9, 2016\n\nBut, the Sale deal came at a big cost. Which leads us to our next big winner. \n2. The Chicago White Sox are about to be terrifying\nBy trading Chris Sale to the Red Sox, Chicago got a huge return. Most notably, the White Sox acquired 21-year-old shortstop Yoan Moncada, the No. 1 prospect in Major League Baseball. The kid is a stud, and has all the tools to be an MVP for years to come.\nExamining Yoan Moncada, baseball’s No. 1 prospect and the newest member of the #WhiteSox:— CSN Chicago (@CSNChicago) December 6, 2016\n\nBut the White Sox didn't stop there.\nThey also traded outfielder Adam Eaton to the Nationals, and got Lucas Giolito, MLB's No. 1 pitching prospect, in return.\nTwo trades gave Chicago the two best prospects in baseball. It may take a couple years, but the White Sox are going to be a scary team one day. \n3. The Cubs are talented and smart, it turns out\nOn the north side of Chicago, there's that other baseball team. You know, the one that just won its first World Series since 1908. \nThe Cubs could have tried to get the gang back together and reassemble the squad that helped them win it all last month. Instead, the Cubs were smart, choosing not to overpay for players like closer Aroldis Chapman — who became the highest paid relief pitcher in history when he signed with the Yankees this week — and Dexter Fowler, who took a five-year, $82 million deal with the Cardinals.\nIt's official: The Cubs have acquired Wade Davis from the Royals for Jorge Soler— SI MLB (@si_mlb) December 7, 2016\n\nInstead, the Cubs traded someone they didn't need for closer Wade Davis — who replaces Chapman — and signed centerfielder Jon Jay to replace Fowler. \nThe Cubs will pay Davis $10 million, while the Yankees owe Chapman $21 million in 2017, including his signing bonus. Fowler will make $16.5 million next year with the Cardinals, compared to Jay's $8 million deal with Chicago (that's an average savings of $8.5 million per year if you're counting at home). \nBy picking up Davis and Jay — instead of keeping Chapman and Fowler — the Cubs saved $19.5 million in 2017.\nFrugality at its finest. \nAnd in case you're wondering, the Cubs still have the best odds of winning the 2017 World Series. With 15/4 odds, they beat out the Red Sox, who now have 11/2 odds. \nThe offseason isn't over yet. Teams can still make deals, but the Winter Meetings proved to be action-packed this year. "},"shares":{"facebook":68,"twitter":322,"google_plus":2,"linked_in":3,"total":395},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"A non-baseball fan's guide to the Winter Meetings","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"velocity":[1000,999],"show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Sports","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"A non-baseball fan's guide to the Winter Meetings"}] window.postData["hot"] = [{"_id":"584bc423f11b2c6c5f00015a","id":"2016/12/10/lena-headey-refugee-photo-series","title":"These heartbreaking images reveal the dreams of refugees","title_tag":null,"author":"Sam Haysom","post_date":"2016-12-10T08:58:24+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 08:58:24 +0000","formatted_date":" 4 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.0k","sort_key":"1CfGJe","link":"","content":{"plain":"LONDON -- A 14-year-old boy from Aleppo, Syria, stares into the camera with an uncertain expression on his face.\nNour El-Deen is standing in Kara Tepe Refugee Camp in Lesbos, Greece. He's just been talking about his dreams. \nHis story -- just like all the others that make up the devastating photo series \"It Could Be Us\" -- is one of heartbreak and fragile hopes.\nSEE ALSO: Spreading the love: Paris love locks to be sold to help refugees\nThe series was captured by photographer Tara Todras-Whitehill and produced by Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey. \nSpeaking with Mashable on the phone, Headey explained how the project came about after a visit to the refugee camp back in June with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). After meeting with the people in the camp, they decided to return and document their stories on camera.\n\"People want a voice, and they don't want to be forgotten,\" said Headey. \n\"We had talked about revisiting and letting people just tell us what their dreams were and the hopes that they had still after all they've been through.\"\n\n\"People want a voice, and they don't want to be forgotten\nHeadey hopes they'll raise awareness for the situations faced by those living in the camps.\n\"I think everybody that night came away asking 'What can I do?' that maybe they hadn't asked before,\" she said.\n\"I just think if you look into any of those eyes... which was the whole point of Tara kind of making them that size; it's unavoidable... you know, you can't avoid a gaze. \n\"And you wouldn't even need to read half the stories because it's in their eyes, isn't it? When you look at those images you just think, that person has something to tell me...\"\nThe photos were taken in Kara Tepe camp in Lesbos, Greece, in September and displayed at an exhibition in London in November. \n\n\"My life dream was to grow up and become a university student. My life dream was that my mother [would] choose my bride. But my mother died and my house was destroyed. My mother died inside the house. My siblings and I went out to buy stuff for my birthday. When we came back, we saw how the house was destroyed. We came here and suffered a lot. Now I just want to go to my father and see him. I don’t want anything other than to be with my father.\"\n\n\"I was living happily with my children. I have many sons and daughters. The war came and suffering came with it. We got lost. I left with my son. My children are in different places. We came here without expecting this -- exhaustion and suffering. We’ve been suffering for five years. My son and his kids, me and my husband, we all became ill. All of this is because of the war. May God have mercy on us. We wish that God would help us to get to a safe country so that I, my son and his kids may live in stability. My dream was to see each one of my kids living in a house and to educate their children. My grandchildren left school. We left because of war. We suffered and we’ve been suffering for five years. My hope now is to settle in a safe country, me and my son.\"\n\n\"From my childhood -- when I was four to five years old and during primary school, in 1980 -- it was the Iran-Iraq war that lasted for eight years. The [Gulf] War lasted for one year. Then once the Americans intervened, they attacked them, and the siege began. After the siege, the Americans came back in 2003 to topple the dictator, they said. They toppled him and then they left and Daesh [the so-called Islamic State] came. During my 40 years, I didn’t live one good day in Iraq. It’s all been dictatorship, war and besieging. We just want to live in peace.\"\n\n\"On my journey, I was abused by men. The sea was difficult, [it was a] bad experience. Now I want an education. My dream is to support my elderly mother. I haven’t found a solution yet. We aren’t helped with problems here. We didn’t want to leave Eritrea, but the leaders are bad for people. Everyone is forced to go to [a military training academy called] Sawa after grade eight. That is why I came here. Now I want to continue my education.\"\n\n\"I was hoping I would live like anybody else, but ever since I opened my eyes in this world, I was never happy in my life. My dream is just like the dreams of others. I’d like to live in one of the European countries, because in Iraq there is no democracy and no freedom. It’s a fight between the Sunni, Shia, Yazidis and Kurds -- a group of religious and secular parties that appear to be loyal to Iraq and their nationalism, but are mafias buying and selling the Iraqi people no matter their race. I’d like to live like the rest of the people, in freedom and prosperity. I don’t differentiate between any human race on the face of the earth. There is no difference, whether this is a Muslim or a Christian or a Yazidi.\"\n\n\"I lived in Iraq for about nine years in Baghdad. I wasn’t able to continue living in Iraq because of the American occupation. I studied until about the third grade, then we immigrated to Syria in 2006. We lived there for about 10 years. I wasn’t able to continue studying because of what happened in Syria, [because] of bombing and displacement. It became dangerous for me to get out of the house or to go to school. Schools were bombed. We immigrated to Turkey and stayed for a year where I wasn’t able to continue my studying. I sat at home because of the residence visa issue and the conditions they require in Turkey to join school. We came here to seek refuge in the European countries. We had to stay here in Greece and face the suffering of no education and bad health conditions that no human would accept. It’s a harsh reality. My dream was to continue studying, get a future and settle with my family in a house. But the conditions of life changed everything and we had to travel and reach here. Our dream has changed: to be to go to Germany or any European country to settle, to continue studying, to reach a future where we can continue our life.\"\n\n\"My dream when I was small was to travel to my dad in Germany. I haven’t seen him for two years.\"[The photographer's note reads: Zahraa started crying after talking about her father and couldn’t continue the interview.]\nLena Headey on Trump, the refugee crisis, and the importance of looking out for one another.\nHeadey, who often tweets about political and humanitarian issues, is clearly very concerned about the current state of the world. She was active on Twitter throughout the US election campaign, and say she's \"still slightly in shock\" over the result.\n\"Clearly the President-elect is not the most open-minded and inclusive of human beings,\" she said, when asked what affect she thinks the election result might have on the refugee crisis. \"I think we know that so far. I guess we just have to see... see what's in store.\"\n\"I think it's all worrying, do you know what I mean? I think the position we're in right now, the world over is worrying. I don't particularly see any sort of great, strong humanitarian leaders amongst us at the moment.\"\nAnyone having a tough time. You are loved. You are enough. I admire you. Take this with you through the day 👊💗💗💗💗— lena headey (@IAMLenaHeadey) December 7, 2016\n\nCersei Lannister may be one of the most vicious figures in Game of Thrones, but Headey is clearly a million miles from her character.\nAs well as her activism and humanitarian work, she often uses Twitter as a platform to spread messages of encouragement and support to her fans. She told Mashable she worries about what the world will look like for her children in 10 or 20 years if people don't keep consciously striving to do the right thing. \n\"You know everybody we know... even if it seems everything is okay, we know from our own experience that some days are harder than others and I think some people have a really tough time,\" she said. \"Whether it's illness, poverty, self-doubt, hearts being broken, terrible news... I don't know, I just think there's greatness in the world and I think one of the worst things is feeling unseen and unloved.\n\"So I kind of like to spread a bit of joy and, you know, inclusion. I teach my children that every day: that you cannot exclude people. We are the same. You know, Mother Theresa said it: 'We belong to each other'. \n\"And we've kind of lost that along the way.\"\nSEE ALSO: Famous faces recite poem about refugee crisis "},"shares":{"facebook":154,"twitter":855,"google_plus":13,"linked_in":9,"total":1031},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"These heartbreaking images reveal the dreams of refugees","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"yk5r6Ebj"}]},"excerpt":"\"People want a voice, and they don't want to be forgotten.\"","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"World","channel_label":"World","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"These heartbreaking images reveal the dreams of refugees"},{"_id":"584b0aa3f11b2c1c07000003","id":"2016/12/09/bridget-single-christmas-cards-2016","title":"Reddit-famous and eternally single Bridget is back with her sassy Christmas cards","title_tag":null,"author":"Sophie Hirsh","post_date":"2016-12-09T19:48:48+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 19:48:48 +0000","formatted_date":" 17 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.2k","sort_key":"1CfDV4","link":"","content":{"plain":"Damn, Bridget! Back at it again with the single Christmas cards.\nEver since 2010, internet hero Bridget has been creating hilarious Christmas cards that celebrate the eternal nightmare of being alone during the holidays. And of course, her 2016 edition nails it.\nSEE ALSO: Single guy's romantic holiday photo is actually a hilarious goof\n\n\"I have four sisters (I'm the only brother).  Me and three of my sisters are married.  Bridget is not.  A few years ago, the married siblings all started doing Christmas cards with their individual families (except me; I'm lazy). So Bridget decided to send her own Christmas cards. This is the most recent one,\" the OP explained on Reddit.\nBridget is basically famous in the Reddit community.\n\nHere are the rest of Bridget's awesome cards, any of which would be better to receive than yet another beaming couple in matching sweaters.\n2015\n\n2014\n\n2013\n\n2012\n\n2011\n\n2010\n\nStay single, Bridget.\n\nBONUS: The story behind the viral Polish Christmas ad that stole our hearts"},"shares":{"facebook":1026,"google_plus":4,"twitter":201,"linked_in":2,"total":1233},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Reddit-famous and eternally single Bridget is back with her sassy Christmas cards","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"r6HQjsgg"}]},"excerpt":"\"Love is sh*t. Merry Christmas!\"","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Reddit-famous and eternally single Bridget is back with her sassy Christmas cards"},{"_id":"584ad58af11b2c6a640017f4","id":"2016/12/09/postmodern-jukebox-westworld-cover","title":"'Westworld' meets pop music in cover of 'Rather Be'","title_tag":null,"author":"Sophie Hirsh","post_date":"2016-12-09T16:02:16+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 16:02:16 +0000","formatted_date":" 21 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.1k","sort_key":"1CfAz2","link":"","content":{"plain":"Even though many viewers found the Westworld series finale to be disappointing, the show still has some dope vibes.\nSo before the series' universe falls to the back of our minds during its hiatus, Postmodern Jukebox capitalized and put out a cover in the style of a vintage saloon.\nFans of pop music and HBO sci-fi shows will love this rendition of \"Rather Be\" by Clean Bandit.Dad's life-long dream comes true and he cries the happy tears to prove itBrilliant dad uses Google Home to troll his kidsCouple's stop-motion video shows what happens after you eat watermelon seedsThe path from mechanic to techie Soldier"},"shares":{"facebook":766,"twitter":301,"google_plus":6,"linked_in":3,"total":1076},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"'Westworld' meets pop music in cover of 'Rather Be'","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"excerpt":"\"There's no place I'd rather beeee (than binging 'Westworld').\"","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"'Westworld' meets pop music in cover of 'Rather Be'"},{"_id":"584b3ac9f11b2c4b5400003e","id":"2016/12/09/galaxy-note-7-nanny-state","title":"Samsung's Note7 kill-switch is deeply disturbing, whether you own one or not","title_tag":null,"author":"Pete Pachal","post_date":"2016-12-09T23:14:14+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:14:14 +0000","formatted_date":" 13 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.5k","sort_key":"1Cfysn","link":"","content":{"plain":"If you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note7, Samsung really, really wants you to stop using it. How much? The company plans to push out a software update next week to the potentially explosive Note7 devices in the U.S. that will prevent them from charging or connecting to a mobile network—effectively rendering them useless.\nIn a surprise twist, at least one U.S. carrier is balking at this decision, flexing its muscle as the gatekeeper of its network. Verizon issued a flat refusal to push out Samsung's kill-switch update in the middle of the holiday season. \nApparently, Samsung's statement that it was working \"together with our carrier partners\" was more wishful thinking than an actual plan.\nSEE ALSO: Samsung cut it too close with safety margins on the Note7's design, report says\nIt's tempting to cheer on Verizon for its newfound consumer advocacy—but it should also strike us all as more than a bit unsettling that titanic corporations are having a tug-of-war about the phones in our pockets. \nImagine being the citizens of Metropolis get whenever Superman trades fisticuffs with a massive, outsized villain like Brainiac or Doomsday. It's a cool spectacle, sure, but the outcome affects them directly—so they'd much rather have a say in who wins.\nWho owns tech?\nThis is only the latest public example of how technology's changed our entire notion of ownership. Time was when you bought something, it was yours, and you were free to use it however you want. Just bought a book? Mark it up, doodle on the cover, rip out the pages. It's yours, for as long as you want to own it.\nNote7 owners are surely keeping their phones with eyes wide open about the risk.\nComputers have traditionally embodied that same spirit of ownership. If you buy a PC or a Mac, you can install whatever software you want—or refuse official updates—and still know your machine will work. You can usually still get IT support if you need it.\nBut mobile and connected devices changed the game. We got our first hint of this back in 2011 when Google used its Android \"kill switch\" to detect and remote-wipe malware apps from users' devices. \nIt was a preemptive move made in the name of security, to ensure malware didn't spread—but the incident had Orwellian undertones.\nFive years later, Samsung wants to essentially force a kill switch on the remainder of Note7 owner (even though it's already convinced 93% of them to comply). The remainder are surely keeping their phones with eyes wide open about the risk.\nThe Note7 probably isn't the best test case for the new digital nanny-state. A faulty battery doesn't just pose a risk to the device owner—innocent bystanders could get hurt, too. That risk may be small—the fires only affected roughly 0.005% of devices sold—but it was big enough that it got airlines to ban the device, and at this point the perception of risk is almost worse than the problem. \nCarrying a Note7 now will provoke fear and reprisals, so you may as well just not.\nOwnership rights and fights\nBut the battle over the Note7 can still be seen as a wake-up call about ownership in the 21st century—and how nebulous the concept has become when it comes to connected devices.\nDevices have always come with a sell-by date for software support, after which you're completely on your own. But the emerging future of constant over-the-air updates is also a future where our lives are at the whim of short-term corporate interests. Samsung wants to purge itself of any liabilities, so your Note7 gets bricked. Verizon doesn't want to piss off a bunch of customers right before Christmas, so they say \"no\" to Verizon. \nAnd Note7 owners who just want to be left alone at this point can only sit back and wonder if they'll still have a working phone in a week.\nAnyone who bought a Pebble smartwatch is probably experiencing similar bewilderment now that the company's been sold to Fitbit, though, at least those watches should still work. For now.\nNot so anyone who bought the Revolv, which Nest (a Google company) bought and shut down. As connected-home devices, existing Revolvs need continual network support to work. That simply wasn't happening after Nest decided to kill the product.\nThe world—and our devices—are growing more and more interconnected, enabling incredible experiences, some borderline magical. But the Note7 saga shows the ugly underbelly of that connectivity: that your rights as an \"owner\" of a product are nothing when stacked against the power of the platform it runs on. \nAnd depending on the whims of executives in Seoul or Cupertino, Mountain View or Redmond, that power can shift in a heartbeat.\nBONUS: 5 awesome Android phones to replace your Galaxy Note7"},"shares":{"facebook":878,"google_plus":13,"linked_in":18,"twitter":601,"pinterest":1,"total":1511},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Samsung's Note7 kill-switch is deeply disturbing, whether you own one or not","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"BztWrBtQ"}]},"excerpt":"When a device depends on a platform, what does ownership mean?","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Samsung's Note7 kill-switch is deeply disturbing, whether you own one or not"},{"_id":"584b523728cc3654bc0004af","id":"2016/12/09/archer-book-art-fx","title":"What do you buy the 'Archer' fan who has everything? This.","title_tag":null,"author":"Sydney Bucksbaum","post_date":"2016-12-10T00:54:12+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:54:12 +0000","formatted_date":" 12 hours ago","formatted_shares":"579","sort_key":"1CfydM","link":"","content":{"plain":"Holiday gift shopping for all the important people in your life can be the most stressful part of the year. Do you get the same universal gift for everyone, or do you spend the time and effort agonizing over something unique that's tailored to each loved one? \nThankfully, the perfect gift for anyone obsessed with Archer was just released. The Art of Archer is not just any old coffee table book that will end up doubling as a coaster. \nThis fully illustrated, comprehensive collection is a collector's item for any Archer fan, giving unparalleled access behind the scenes of the long-running FX series, and Mashable has an exclusive first look at some of the inside pages. \n\nThe visual guide to everything Archer includes storyboards; character sketches; script excerpts; step-by-step explanations on how the animation is created; exclusive interviews with the Emmy-nominated cast; costume designs; and the never-before-released original pitch for the series. \n\nThe book is over 240 pages long, filled with countless secrets from all seven seasons of FX's hit animated series, making it a totally new and unrestricted look at the creative process that goes into the award-winning comedy. \n\nThe Art of Archer is written and curated by author Neal Holman, an art director and producer for Floyd County Productions, the animation studio behind Archer, as well as other shows for FX Networks and Fox such as Unsupervised and Chozen.\nCan't wait for the holidays? The book is available now for $29.99. It may not be as good of a gift as Babou, but hey, not everyone is able to get their hands on an ocelot. The Archer fan in your life will understand. "},"shares":{"facebook":82,"linked_in":7,"google_plus":9,"twitter":481,"total":579},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":true,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"What do you buy the 'Archer' fan who has everything? This.","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"excerpt":"As our favorite gentleman spy says, \"Read a book.\"","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Entertainment","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"What do you buy the 'Archer' fan who has everything? This."},{"_id":"584b611428cc3654bc0005fa","id":"2016/12/09/saya-tomioka-kissing-picture-oakland-fire","title":"Facebook finds beautiful missing photo for girlfriend of Oakland fire victim","title_tag":null,"author":"Christina Careaga","post_date":"2016-12-10T01:57:37+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Sat, 10 Dec 2016 01:57:37 +0000","formatted_date":" 11 hours ago","formatted_shares":"3.4k","sort_key":"1Cfxw6","link":"","content":{"plain":"Social media might be your go-to place to argue with your cousins and post silly cat GIFS, but sometimes, it can be really beautiful.\nOn Dec. 4, Saya Tomioka posted a plea to Facebook to help her find a picture of her kissing her boyfriend, Griffen Maddens, a victim of the Oakland warehouse fire in hopes of a \"facebook miracle,\" and social media delivered.\nSEE ALSO: Inside the Oakland artist warehouse that tragically burned down\n\n\"Maybe some facebook miracle could happen,\" the bereaving girlfriend wrote. \"This morning I remembered the first time I went to Times Square, June 16 of 2015.\"\n\"Griffin and I just finished watching The Book of Mormon on Broadway,\" she continued, \"I remember tears swelling my eyes because the city was so beautiful and amidst all the lights, I got to look at the brightest light of all, my sweetie. I cried, and we kissed. Some random photographer captured this very moment, this very kiss.\"\n\"I never got his name,\" Tomioka revealed of the photographer, \"He...simply showed us the single beautiful snap shot.\"\n\"I've always longed to find this particular photograph and thank the photographer,\" she wrote, \"Friends, possibly with your help, I can be reunited with this photograph,\" she continued, asking the post's viewers to please share.\nAfter receiving over 300 shares, the post was sent to New York-based photographer, Arken Avan, who decided to thoroughly search his archive.\nHe found the picture Tomioka was looking for, and posted the beautiful image to Instagram. Griffin was one of 36 who died in the fire earlier this month.\n\n For a memory of Griffin Madden, who lost his life in Oakland fire. This image has a tragic story, but please show some love and support, dear friends. Yesterday two people shared with me a facebook post from young lady, where she is searching for a picture. She wrote: \"Maybe some facebook miracle would happen... On June 15th, 2015, I remember tears swelling my eyes because the city was so beautiful and amidst the lights, i got to look at the brightest light of all, my sweetie. I cried, and we kissed. Some random photographer captured this very moment, this very kiss.. I never got his name and he just simply showed us the single beautiful snap shot that he was able to capture. I've always longed to find this particular photograph...\". More than 300 people shared this post and i decided to pull out my archive, and wasn't sure if that was me, and if i actually have this photograph, cause it was more than year ago and it's more that 200,000 pictures in my street archive. Luckily i found their beautiful image and was so happy i found it and photographed their beautiful moment, but very very sad of this fire happened which took more than 30 lives. I hope this beautiful moment in a photo will stay forever in your memory Saya, for a memory of you love, Griffin Madden! ❤️🙏🏼 • Sincerely, your photographer Arken Avan @newyorkfaces A photo posted by Arken Avan (@newyorkfaces) on Dec 8, 2016 at 1:38pm PST\n\n\"For a memory of Griffin Madden,\" the photographer wrote in the caption.\n\"I decided to pull out my archive, and wasn't sure if that [photographer] was me, and if i actually have this photograph, cause it was more than year ago and it's more that 200,000 pictures in my street archive,\" he continued.\n\"Luckily, I found their beautiful image and was so happy I found it and photographed their beautiful moment,\" Avan said. \"I hope this beautiful moment in a photo will stay forever in your memory Saya, for a memory of you[r] love,.\"\nOnce in her possession, Tomioka made the photo her Facebook profile picture, dedicating the caption to a beautiful letter to her departed love. \"I've finally found you,\" she wrote to Griffin, \"I sobbed when I saw this photo.\"\nTomioka continued the tribute, writing the photo helped bring \"a glimpse of [Griffin's] light back into my life.\"\nWe're so glad this picture could bring her some peace. No, you're crying.\nBONUS: A lab is turning human ashes into beautiful diamonds"},"shares":{"facebook":2692,"twitter":630,"linked_in":47,"google_plus":16,"stumble_upon":1,"total":3386},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Facebook finds beautiful missing photo for girlfriend of Oakland fire victim","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"AlxffTUB"}]},"excerpt":"Sometimes social media can be really beautiful.","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Watercooler","channel_label":"Watercooler","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Facebook finds beautiful missing photo for girlfriend of Oakland fire victim"},{"_id":"584aee4228cc365d2f00124f","id":"2016/12/09/warp-strike-office-final-fantasy","title":"7 awkward office moments we wish we could Warp Strike out of","title_tag":null,"author":"Final Fantasy XV","post_date":"2016-12-09T17:47:39+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 17:47:39 +0000","formatted_date":" 19 hours ago","formatted_shares":"869","sort_key":"1CfxmG","link":"","content":{"plain":"The fantasy world of Eos is a precarious place. To stay alive, FINAL FANTASY XV players need to be slippery as a salmon and constantly conscious of their magic management skills.  And while your Sunday magic management is on point, your Monday time management could probably use some work, what with all the daydreaming of rescuing the world’s last remaining crystal and slaying Daemons of the night. \nWe can identify with the struggle of taking the identity of Noctis Lucis Caelum, prince of Lucis, at home, and being forced to go by “Todd” at the office.\nYou’ve probably already used Warp Strike, the uber-addictive Armiger attack that allows players to catapult themselves in the direction of an opponent and strike with lightning speed. The new attack is also a great way to get out of a sticky situation.  \nWelcome to the seven awkward office moments you wish you could Warp Strike out of. \n1. When you break wind on a conference call\nThe scenario: It’s 4 p.m., you’ve had Mexican for lunch and your intestines are audibly dissenting that decision. You’re holding the line like you’re defending Gralea, but just as the city was befallen by Daemons, the enchiladas break the phalanx and now everyone at the Phoenix, Cincinnati and Spokane offices are inquiring about the interference on the line. \n2. When your boss catches you showing up late\nOk, so you gamed into the wee hours of the morning and now it’s a mad dash to get presentable and speed to the office before anyone recognizes your absence. Lucky for you, your boss is touring corporate through the cubicles just as your Olympic-powerwalk to your desk. You’re wishing you could have Warp Striked to work, or out of this awkward predicament.\n3. When your coworkers get too drunk at the office holiday party\nYou’re standing there like an awkward 8th grader at a middle school dance while Jane from accounting cradles a bottle of bourbon like her first-born child. When your supervisor invites you out back for a shotgunning contest to see which regional manager gets the highest Christmas bonus, you know it’s time to aim your sword into the darkness and bounce.\n4. When you “reply all” to the company-wide listserv\nThe office manager has just notified the entire staff that sandwiches will be delivered to the office, and you, the omnipotent multi-tasker, fire off the reply, “Tuna, please!” A split second later, bing! As the chorus of new email notifications erupts throughout the office, you realize what you did, and take yourself through the five stages of grief before coming to terms with the ensuring watercooler coworker side eye.\n5. When you accidentally steal communal food from the fridge\nYou’re on your fourth cup of coffee and you really need a different form of caffeine to fuel your toil, so you innocently snag a cola from the break room. Suddenly, Rick from HR is on a warpath, rampaging through the cubicles to find out who stole his last can. That Warp Strike would really come in handy when he reaches your desk and catches you red handed.  \n6. When you pull an unfunny office prank \nPlastic wrap your boss’ entire cubicle, they said. It would be funny, they said. When the director of regional operations returns to her desk, the snickering crowd of co-workers turns silent when she demands to know who’s keeping her from filing her quarterly report on time. Better find a creative exit strategy when your “accomplices” tattle on you.\n7. When your boss sees you printing out your resume \nWhen the culmination of these cringeworthy situations drives you to find a new job, it’s probably best to run off your resume away from the prying eyes of the guy that signs your checks. When he goes to the printer just as your updated resume (with your current job filed under “past experience”), you might as well pack up your things now. But hey, now you’ve got time to find the crystal! \n\nWatch next: 7 things you should not do at work"},"shares":{"facebook":474,"twitter":390,"google_plus":2,"linked_in":3,"total":869},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"7 awkward office moments we wish we could Warp Strike out of","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"zx4VeN0B"}]},"excerpt":"When you're Noctis Lucis Caelum, prince of Lucis, by night, and forced to go by “Todd” by day. ","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Entertainment","channel_label":"Entertainment","channel_link":"","sponsored_by":"FINAL FANTASY XV","sponsored_by_url":"","tweet_text":"7 awkward office moments we wish we could Warp Strike out of (Paid Content)"},{"_id":"584b2b2428cc366f05000273","id":"2016/12/09/chinese-iphone-6-explosions-reported","title":"Don't look now, but iPhone 6 battery explosions have been reported in China","title_tag":null,"author":"Brett Williams","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:07:28+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:07:28 +0000","formatted_date":" 15 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.2k","sort_key":"1CfwJV","link":"","content":{"plain":"While some iPhone 6S users have been frustrated by spontaneous battery shutdowns lately, there are others whose power struggles are a bit more explosive.   \nReports from China claim that some iPhone 6 batteries have been pulling a Note 7 and bursting into flames. \nSEE ALSO: Brace yourselves — we might be getting a new iPhone color next year\nThe Shanghai Consumer Council (SHCC) filed a complaint against Apple on behalf of Chinese iPhone users who have experienced a range of issues with their devices, according to The International Business Times. Prominent among those problems: sudden spontaneous combustion. \nThe filing alleges that from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, there were eight separate incidents of iPhone 6 or 6S devices smoking and exploding. In one instance (described through a translation), the complaint claimed that after one 6S Plus exploded, Apple replaced it without giving any explanation for the problem.\niPhones explode in china too // iPhone在中国也炸了 充电时手机直接炸开差点着火_腾讯网触屏版— John Artman (@KnowsNothing) December 5, 2016\n\nAlong with the spontaneous combustion issues, the filing mentions ID theft and the aforementioned battery shutdowns as the main problems consumers have reported. There were 2,763 complaints against Apple in China from the year's start through Nov. 30.\nAfter airing specific grievances, the SHCC requested three broad responses from Apple. It asked for Apple to take responsibility for the consumer, for the quality of its products and for its customer service practices.\nWhen reached for comment by Mashable, an Apple rep acknowledged the filing and the existence of the reported \"thermal incidents.\" \n\"We want to assure our customers that we thoroughly investigate any such report. We have been in touch with the customers and retrieved these units for analysis,\" the rep said. \nBut according to Apple, these incidents weren't just random explosions. \n\"As part of our standard process, we do a thorough forensic investigation including CT scans, cross sections, and more,\" the rep told Mashable. \"The units we’ve analyzed so far have clearly shown that external physical damage happened to them which led to the thermal event. We treat safety as a top priority and have found no cause for concern with these products.\"\nBONUS: Drone footage shows just how insanely colossal Apple Campus 2 is"},"shares":{"twitter":497,"facebook":646,"linked_in":24,"pinterest":1,"google_plus":12,"total":1180},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Don't look now, but iPhone 6 battery explosions have been reported in China","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"4hElrzsl"}]},"excerpt":"These battery stories just won't quit.","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Tech","channel_label":"Tech","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Don't look now, but iPhone 6 battery explosions have been reported in China"},{"_id":"584b191df11b2c4790000151","id":"2016/12/09/action-on-tumblr-election","title":"Tumblr is the one social platform taking action ahead of Trump's America","title_tag":null,"author":"Matt Petronzio","post_date":"2016-12-09T20:50:29+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 20:50:29 +0000","formatted_date":" 16 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.2k","sort_key":"1Cfwqx","link":"","content":{"plain":"As Facebook grapples with its fake news problem, and Twitter continues to fall short in trying to curb hate speech and trolls, one social network is actively helping its users take action while a Trump administration looms: Tumblr.\nIn the aftermath of the election, the social platform has launched Action on Tumblr, a hub to elevate marginalized voices, educate users on timely political and social issues, and provide resources that can lead to real impact -- online and off.\nSEE ALSO: Trump's America: What women, immigrants and people of color want you to know\nAngled as \"a go-to safe home for agents of change,\" Action on Tumblr invites the platform's audience -- generally young, socially conscious users -- to engage with experts, advocates and each other on topics affecting their communities.\nThe new hub focuses on two of Tumblr's popular recurring features, but with a post-election twist. The Q&A format Answer Time allows individual activists and people from marginalized communities to tell their stories. A new spinoff, Issue Time, presents a panel of experts and advocates to answer questions around a particular issue, from gun violence prevention and immigration reform to women's rights and LGBTQ equality.\nUsers can also take to the \"Ask Box\" feature or post with the hashtag #takeaction, to share what they're doing to create change in their own communities.\n\n\"We have a very woke crowd on Tumblr,\" Victoria McCullough, social impact and public policy manager at Tumblr, told Mashable. \"We saw a lot of activity in that community over the election, and have since we've been around. What we wanted with Action was to try to add a little more volume to that conversation by creating a space.\"\nMcCullough calls Action on Tumblr a \"one-stop shop\" for, more than anything, lifting up voices of people in at-risk communities. That especially includes women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ folks -- those afraid, angry and fighting because of President-elect Donald Trump's harmful rhetoric throughout his campaign, and the resulting harassment and discrimination after his win.\n\"We knew we had to use individuals who were especially aware and really educating their user base to help.\"\nFor Tumblr, where movements like #BlackOutDay and Black Lives Matter began, it was important to build a home for information, education and mobilization after the election.\n\"We just kept hearing from people that they didn't know what to do,\" McCullough said. \"It was like, 'Oh, I voted, I feel like I did my part, but now I don't know where to go.' ... We knew we had to use individuals who were especially aware and really educating their user base to help.\"\nTumblr's first Answer Time after the election, in partnership with Refinery29, was with an undocumented immigrant from the Philippines who called herself \"Fiona.\" She's a DREAMer, meaning she has conditional residency under the DREAM Act because she moved to the U.S. before she turned 16. But she and her family are worried what will happen after Trump takes office.\nFiona answered a range of questions, from \"Do you consider yourself an American?\" to a terrified LGBTQ woman of color now wondering, \"What do I do?\"\nSome questions revealed misinformation about undocumented immigrants that many Americans have, showing the education aspect of the platform that Tumblr hoped for. One anonymous user asked, \"How does it feel knowing you don't have to pay taxes despite millions of hardworking Americans having to?\" Fiona used it as an opportunity to explain that she does pay taxes, and in answers to several similar questions, explained how and why.\n\nMcCullough said Fiona answered questions for two hours, instead of the typical one hour, because so many people kept writing in from places of fear or anger. Even though she didn't have all the answers, Fiona was able to speak from her experience, which was especially powerful.\n\"It was one of their voices,\" McCullough said. \"It wasn't a politician, it wasn't an advocacy group. It was just someone coming from a real, genuine place.\"\nThe selection process for people to lead Answer Times can come together rather quickly, since the franchise revolves around individual activists. McCullough and her team reach out to people who are particularly engaged on Tumblr already, finding people like trans activist Angelica Ross and women from the site MuslimGirl. \nFor Issue Time, however, which Tumblr created to arm people with information that could help them mobilize around a certain topic, the process can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to find the right people to join a panel.\n\nThat's especially true for issues that could veer more clinical or medical, like a recent Issue Time on abortion access and reproductive rights. Using her background in government and advocacy, McCullough reached out to friends and former colleagues in that space to find people who were doing important work and had the right expertise.\n\"Issue Time gives you straight answers from people representing all kinds of identities.\"\n\"We had a really strong group of panelists,\" she said, \"ranging from a 70-year-old woman who's been in this movement for a very long time and came at it from the legal perspective, down to a young trans activist who had an abortion in the last year and is a part of the movement that encourages young women to just tell their stories.\"\nThat young trans activist is Jack Qu'emi, an Afrx-Boricua writer who works with We Testify, a program of the National Network of Abortion Funds that aims to increase \"the spectrum of abortion storytellers in the public sphere.\"\nQu'emi (who uses the pronouns they, them and their) first joined Tumblr in 2010, hoping to create an online journal to help as they struggled with mental health. They said Tumblr helped foster a community of people with marginalized identities talking about the inequalities they faced when social networks like Facebook and Twitter couldn't.\n\"Tumblr gives space for more expression,\" Qu'emi told Mashable in an email. \"You have a page, a layout, you have an Ask Box that can be anonymous or not, you have submissions, and you can add commentary to other people's posts. It just gives a person more room to express who they are, and lets other 'followers' experience someone more thoroughly.\"\n\nParticipating in the abortion access Issue Time was \"pretty freakin' great,\" said Qu'emi, who loves the franchise as a whole.\n\"The things I see featured on there are always timely and relevant to current events,\" they said. \"You see a lot of 'fake news' on other timelines, but Issue Time gives you straight answers from people representing all kinds of identities.\"\nIn the aftermath of the election, Qu'emi said Tumblr has been a place for marginalized communities to share their fears. But, more importantly, it's served as a way to share support.\n\"Within 12 hours of the election results, people made posts saying they were offering emotional support as individuals or sharing hotlines you could call,\" they said. \"There’s a lot of strength in marginalized communities that I don’t think we get enough credit for. Tumblr has given us space to reach one another in ways we couldn’t have fathomed before.\"\n\nWhile Action on Tumblr is a great space for progressive users to connect, as part of the \"woke\" community McCullough talked about, it runs the risk of becoming the same \"bubble\" of like-minded people that Facebook was throughout the presidential campaign. How can Tumblr reach who need to hear these messages most?\n\"Social media could have a greater impact by making sure we're not being the echo chamber.\"\n\"I've wrestled with this, on such a personal and professional level,\" McCullough said. \"I think a lot of woke up [on Nov. 9] and thought, how are we going to fight back? Because it was so clear that social media could have a greater impact by making sure we're not being the echo chamber.\"\nWhen Action on Tumblr launched, one of the first messages they received was from a progressive voter, saying they genuinely wanted to learn why a Trump supporter voted the way they did. \n\"I feel like I want to use that as a guide for everything we do moving forward ... We do look like this young, millennial, sort of progressive community, but that's not everybody on this platform. So, how do we bridge that gap between those communities who maybe feel very far from each other right now?\" McCullough said.\nShe hopes to feature a range of voices and perspectives in the future, and will continue to feature nonprofit, bipartisan experts and organizations on Issue Time panels.\n\nIn the first 48 hours since Action on Tumblr launched, without much promotion, the platform garnered thousands of followers and hundreds of thoughtful questions, according to McCullough. The first Issue Times racked up more than 100 million impressions.\n\"That's something we see, the community growing every day,\" she said. \"That alone suggests the Tumblr community is watching and paying attention.\"\n\"The Tumblr community is watching and paying attention.\"\nIn terms of what's next, McCullough said the last aspect of Action on Tumblr is increasing IRL activations to ensure that tangible actions and conversations are happening offline.\nAnd that starts with Tumblr's own physical offices in New York City. The company has recently hosted talks and meetings for various organizations, like Ladies Get Paid, a membership platform fighting the wage gap. Tumblr is also the new home for New America Foundation's Social Cinema series, screening monthly documentaries around social and political issues.\n\"Whether we're hitting the road or we're here at Tumblr, we're giving some more thought to how we can bring action to folks in real life,\" McCullough said.\nThe basis of Action on Tumblr is addressing fears and hate. But in the end, McCullough is hopeful about younger generations, who are figuring out how to give back and create change for the better.\n\"Giving them a place to discover that feels special, and feels needed,\" she said. \"To give that a home makes me feel a lot of positivity about our users, and new ones to come.\"\nBONUS: Watch this little girl bravely share her truth at an anti-Trump rally"},"shares":{"facebook":510,"twitter":632,"google_plus":10,"linked_in":32,"stumble_upon":22,"total":1206},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"Tumblr is the one social platform taking action ahead of Trump's America","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{"ooyala":[{"data-id":"Z6F3ugeV"}]},"excerpt":"\"The Tumblr community is watching and paying attention.\"","show_sponsorship":true,"channel":"Social Media","channel_label":"Social Media","channel_link":"","tweet_text":"Tumblr is the one social platform taking action ahead of Trump's America"},{"_id":"584b353f28cc3654bc000031","id":"2016/12/09/polar-vortex-arctic-outbreaks-coming","title":"The polar vortex is coming: Brutal Arctic cold waves heading for U.S.","title_tag":null,"author":"Andrew Freedman","post_date":"2016-12-09T22:50:37+00:00","post_date_rfc":"Fri, 09 Dec 2016 22:50:37 +0000","formatted_date":" 14 hours ago","formatted_shares":"1.9k","sort_key":"1CfvE2","link":"","content":{"plain":"The weather pattern across North America and into the Arctic is volatile and bizarre for this time of year, with unusually mild conditions continuing to surge into the Arctic while frigid air is being pulled south. \nIt's as if someone opened the door to the refrigerator that is the North Pole and let all the cold air drain away. For the Arctic, this means record-low sea ice and all-time high air temperature records. \nBut for a huge swath of more populated land, from Alberta to Quebec in Canada, and the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast in the U.S., a polar vortex-linked series of frigid blasts await. \nSEE ALSO: The Weather Channel shuts down Breitbart: Yes, climate change is real\nThe forecast details are still being sorted out, with some computer models flip flopping by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit or more from one run to the next (I'm talking about you, GFS model). \nHowever, ensemble runs, which are the result of running a computer model many times while varying initial conditions slightly, show that at least two frigid Arctic blasts are in store for Canada and the U.S. after this weekend. \n\nBut we have to get through this weekend first.\nThe cold has been exceptional in the Rockies. On Thursday morning, Casper, Wyoming, hit minus-33 degrees Fahrenheit, which was its coldest temperature since 2006. Denver hit minus-10 degrees, which was a few degrees milder than the daily record there. \nTemperatures will be as low as 30 degrees colder than average from the Rockies to the East Coast this weekend, with freezing temperatures reaching all the way into Florida. \n\nBut here's the unsettling thought: this cold blast isn't the polar vortex-related severe one everyone is talking about (and that Mashable first warned you about on Dec. 6). \nAfter this cold snap, there are likely to be two more surges of Arctic air, each one of them as intense if not more so than the one currently boosting winter coat sales from coast to coast. \n\nExactly how severe the cold will be and when it'll hit is not set in stone just yet, but expect the first of these cold snaps to begin in Alberta and move southeast into the northern Plains and Midwest by midweek next week, with an extremely cold weekend in store for the Northeast starting on Dec. 16. \nTemperature departures from average are likely to be between 15 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit below normal for this time of year in areas that are exposed to the frigid air mass. \nNortheast may indeed take brunt of cold next Friday too. Pendulum ready to swing again after with Canadian air over Alberta brutally cold.— Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) December 9, 2016\n\nHigh temperatures may not make it out of the single digits in parts of New England on Saturday, Dec. 17 if current projections hold true. \nSubzero lows may occur from the Plains to the Midwest and the Northeast next week, especially if any snow falls during the period, which will help drive temperatures even lower. \nYes, this is a legit polar vortex event\nFor those readers who are suffering from a case of polar vortex fatigue and think the term is being overused, in this case at least, its use is justified. \nThe main polar vortex is a circulation of air enveloping a near-permanent area of low pressure that exists in the upper atmosphere, above typical cruising altitudes for commercial jetliners, over the Arctic. \n\nWhen these winds weaken, as has been happening recently, filaments of the vortex can break off, and meander south into the U.S., Europe and parts of Asia. Last month, parts of the vortex set up shop over Siberia, causing exceptionally cold and snowy conditions there while driving unusually mild air into the Arctic and melting sea ice.\nNow, some of that Siberian cold is headed for Canada and the U.S., with the assistance of a massive ridge of high pressure across Alaska and the North Pacific Ocean. That high pressure area is drawing Arctic air southward on its eastern flank.\nUncertainty about long-term pattern\n\"Our weather models are having severe complications with resolving the extent of the North Pacific ridge in the medium range. This is causing big swings in our medium-range weather models prediction over the U.S,\" said Michael Ventrice, a meteorologist with The Weather Company, in a Twitter message conversation. \nNext Friday is looking brutally cold in the Northeast, with min temperatures in the single digits and sub-zero levels, including #boston— Michael Ventrice (@MJVentrice) December 9, 2016\n\n\"I do think that the North Pacific ridge is going to be a staple point for this Winter season,\" he said, noting its connection to conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean.\n\"This should keep the pattern volatile across North America, keep much of western-central Canada well below average on the temperature front, with periodic Arctic air mass intrusions sliding down the Rockies and spreading eastward into the eastern states,\" Ventrice said.\nAfter the first punch of cold air exits the Northeast at the end of next weekend, long-range models suggest that the cold could regroup in western Canada, slide into the Pacific Northwest -- potentially delivering more snow to Seattle and Portland -- and then that cold may slosh south and east with time, eventually making it back to the Northeast. \n\nAn even greater uncertainty concerns the storm activity that will accompany these temperature transitions. It is likely that the Pacific Northwest will be targeted by repeated bouts of storminess, and that the Great Lakes will see round after round of lake effect snows. But whether the East Coast has a significant snowstorm to go along with the cold remains unclear. \nAlthough it will be cold, there may not be many record lows set or tied during these outbreaks. This is partly because climate change has reduced the odds of historic cold snaps, according to a recent non-peer reviewed analysis from the research group Climate Central. \n\"Such cold air outbreaks are, in fact, decreasing in intensity both in observations and climate models primarily because the source of the cold air, the Arctic, is warming strongly,” the analysis found."},"shares":{"facebook":1482,"twitter":424,"linked_in":6,"google_plus":11,"total":1923},"comments_count":0,"image":"","feature_image":"","responsive_images":[{"image":"","query":true,"size":"638x368#"},{"image":"","query":"(min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"1276x736#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px)","size":"356x205#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 1160px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"712x410#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px)","size":"280x157#"},{"image":"","query":"(max-width: 480px) and (min-resolution: 1.5dppx)","size":"560x314#"}],"short_url":"","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"display_title":"The polar vortex is coming: Brutal Arctic cold waves heading for U.S.","spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":{},"excerpt":"Don't freak out, but the polar vortex is back. In a big way. 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8E:5A:C4:E7:A7:53:E8:C1:39:19:59:47:4F:4C:E8:54:F7:38:DF:A2\r\na=setup:actpass\r\na=mid:data\r\na=sctpmap:5000 webrtc-datachannel 1024\r\n"};"SETTING HARD CODED offer data : "+e.sdp);var n=new S(e);this.peerConnection.setRemoteDescription(n,c.bind(this),this.handleError),c.bind(this)}function c(){this.peerConnection.createAnswer(l.bind(this),this.handleError),}function l(e){this.answer=e,this.peerConnection.setLocalDescription(new S(e),u.bind(this),this.handleError),this.localDescriptionSet=!0,}function d(){!this.sentDataToTurn&&this.remoteCandidateReceived&&this.localCandidateReceived&&this.localDescriptionSet&&(m.debug("sending data to TURN"),,this.sentDataToTurn=!0)}function u(){"Sending answer"),this.addTimingEvent("setLocalDesc",}function p(){this.triggerEvent("receivedicecandidates");var;"TIMING:ice_candidates "+(e-this.iceCandidateStartTime));var n=/a=ice-ufrag:[ -z]*/,t=/a=ice-pwd:[ -z]*/,i=/a=fingerprint:[A-z0-9\-]* [0-F:]*/,o=/o=-?\S* [0-9]+ [0-9] IN IP4 [0-9\.]+/,;"Before matching regexes"+(r-this.estConnectionStart)),;var a=this.answer.sdp.match(n),s=this.answer.sdp.match(t),c=this.answer.sdp.match(i),l=this.answer.sdp.match(o);"UFRAG:"+a),"PWD:"+s),"FINGERPRINT:"+c),"O=:"+l);var d=[this.localCandidates];d.push(a[0]),d.push(s[0]),d.push(c[0]),d.push(l[0]);var u=new Uint8Array(8);window.crypto.getRandomValues(u);var p=String.fromCharCode.apply(null,u);d.push(p),d.push(this.nodePeerIp),d.push(this.nodePeerPort),this.triggerEvent("preparedjson",d);var;"After matching regexes"+(h-this.estConnectionStart));var;"Before jsonifying candidates"+(g-this.estConnectionStart));var v=JSON.stringify(d),;"After jsonifying candidates"+(w-this.estConnectionStart)),,v)}function f(e){this.triggerEvent("willsenddatatoturn",e);var;this.addTimingEvent("turnPrep",n),m.debug("Sending data to turn @ "+this.turnSignalHost+" after "+n+" millis");var t={iceServers:[{url:"turn:"+this.turnSignalHost,urls:["turn:"+this.turnSignalHost],username:e,credential:"x"}]};this.turnSignalPeerConnection=new C(t),this.turnSignalPeerConnection.createDataChannel("");var i=this;this.turnSignalPeerConnection.createOffer(function(e){var,t=n-i.estConnectionStart;i.addTimingEvent("turnSend",t),"Fake offer generated which should trigger TURN request after "+(n-i.estConnectionStart)+" millis"),i.turnSignalPeerConnection.setLocalDescription(e,function(){},function(){})},function(){})}function h(){"Successfully added ICE candidate")}const g=e(21),v=e(22),w=e(17);w.enable();const m=w("panama-client");var C=window.RTCPeerConnection||window.mozRTCPeerConnection||window.webkitRTCPeerConnection,S=window.RTCSessionDescription||window.mozRTCSessionDescription||window.webkitRTCSessionDescription,y=window.RTCIceCandidate||window.mozRTCIceCandidate||window.webkitRTCIceCandidate,E=15e3,T=3e5;i.prototype.handleError=function(){},i.prototype.getTimingEvents=function(){return this.timingEvents},i.prototype.addTimingEvent=function(e,n){var t={name:"t_"+e,timing:n};this.timingEvents.push(t)},{var e=this;this.connectionTimeout=setTimeout(function(){e.close()},E),,setTimeout(function(){m.debug("v8Lag is : "+(,e.addTimingEvent("v8Lag",},1),,},i.prototype.send=function(e){"sending message",e),this.dataChannel.send(e)},i.prototype.request=function(e,n){var 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