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<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"> <meta name="description" content="Your Data Center is the New York Website Hosting Leader! We also sell and install and service computers, firewalls, networks and phone systems. Services include website design, website hosting, cloud hosting, corporate email, new computers, computer repair, cable runs, wire runs, fiber runs, alarm systems, CCTV and phone systems."> <meta name="keywords" content="New York Website Hosting,Low Cost Website Hosting,Website Hosting,Looking Glass,Offsite Data Backup,Cloud Services,Computers,Network Integration,Affordable Websites,Web Host,New York Website Design,dedicated servers,affordable web hosting,Dell VAR,Lenovo VAR,iPhone Repair,iPad Repair,Computer Repair,Laptop Repair,Computer Store,Network Specialist,Cable Runs,Wire Runs,Phone Systems"> <meta name="generator" content="Responsive Foundation Framer 2.0.193"> <title>Your Data Center Incorporated, New York Website Hosting, Lynbrook NY Computer Store, VAR, Dell, Sonicwall, Lenovo, Avaya, Engenius, Aruba, SSL Certificates</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/foundation.min.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/wireframe-theme.min.css"> <script>document.createElement( "picture" );</script> <script src="js/picturefill.min.js" class="picturefill" async="async"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/main.css"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css;"> <meta name="author" content="Your Data Center Incorporated"> <link rev="made" href=""> <meta name="copyright" content="Your Data Center Incorporated"> <meta name="distribution" content="global"> <meta name="robots" content="all"> <meta name="rating" content="general"> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="content-language" content="en"> <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache"> <meta name="verify-v1" content="m0Qvl2d2gV4xwOq160QfpTa9cBrTjYhvlhFvv1K5UrI=" > <meta name="google-site-verification" content="cbHcaCGE30l9aenvCQQQuu9zMf6bS6cpBRkkhNCZF7I" /> <style type="text/css"> <!-- .f20 {font: bold 10px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#FFFFFF; } .f16 {font: bold 10px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f07 {font: bold 13px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f06 {font: bold 11px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f21 {font: bold 13px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f01 {font: bold 24px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#ffffff; } .f02 {font: 24px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f05 {font: 11px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f05s {font: 10px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f04 {font: 12px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .f03 {font: 19px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#000000; } .fb0 {font: 8px 'tahoma', cursive;color:#2E4147; } video { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; } --> </style> </head> <body class="grid-1 no-js"> <div class="row off-canvas-wrapper"> <div class="columns small-12 column-1"> <div class="responsive-picture picture-2"> <picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--> <source srcset="./images/YOUR-DATA-CENTER-WEBSITE-HEADER-1500.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"> <source media="screen" srcset="./images/YOUR-DATA-CENTER-WEBSITE-SHORT-HEADER.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Placeholder Picture" src=""> </picture> </div> </div> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="columns small-12 column-4"> <div class="html-element html-element-1"><center> <a href=" /index.html " class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="Your Data Center - New York Website Hosting, Computer and Network Specialists"> <font color="lightblue">HOME&nbsp;</font> </a> <a href="/products.htm" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="Your Data Center PRODUCTS - New York Website Hosting, Corporate Website Design and Network Services"> &nbsp;PRODUCTS&nbsp; </a> <a href="/internet-and-phone-service.html" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="Business Class Internet, TV and Phone Services - Network Services by Your Data Center"> &nbsp;INTERNET&nbsp;&amp;&nbsp;PHONE&nbsp; SVC&nbsp;&nbsp; </a> <a href="/about.htm" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="About Your Data Center Incorporated - A Google Favorite Place!"> &nbsp;ABOUT&nbsp; </a> <a href="/links.htm" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title=" is the official home of the human-edited Long Island website directory project. If your business is on Long Island you NEED to be a part of it! Free Listings!" > &nbsp;LINKS&nbsp; </a> <a href="/contact.htm" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="Contact us at Your Data Center"> &nbsp;CONTACT&nbsp; </a> <a href="/cgi-bin/nplg.cgi" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="Your Data Center - Award-Winning Looking Glass and DNS Tools"> &nbsp;LOOKING&nbsp;GLASS&nbsp; </a> <a href="/downloads" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="Your Data Center Freeware Software Downloads"> &nbsp;FREEWARE&nbsp; </a> <a href="" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="Buy and Renew Domain Names">&nbsp;DOMAINS&nbsp; </a> <a href="" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="Purchase SSL Certs and TLS Certs from our Secure Certificate Store"> &nbsp;CERTS&nbsp; </a> <a href="" target="_blank" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="Video Production and Online Marketing"> &nbsp;MARKETING&nbsp; </a> <a href="" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none" title="The BLOG SPOT at Your Data Center"> &nbsp;BLOG&nbsp; </a> <a href="" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="The Host Long Island Business Forum">&nbsp;FORUM&nbsp; </a> <a href="/support.html" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="Technical Support - Online Remote Computer Support, On-site and Off-site Computer Repairs">&nbsp;SUPPORT&nbsp; </a> <a href="" target="_blank" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="Check Your Email">&nbsp;MAIL&nbsp; </a> <a href="" class="f20" style="text-decoration:none;" title="Free Online Games">&nbsp;GAMES</a> </center></div> </div> </div> <nav class="row row-1"> <div class="columns small-12 medium-3 column-3"><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-1" title="Lynbrook Computer and Laptop Repair. We fix iPhones and iPads too!"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/nassau-county-long-island-new-york-computer-repair-service.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/nassau-county-long-island-new-york-computer-repair-service.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Lynbrook Computer and Laptop Repair. We fix iPhones and iPads too!" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-2" title="Lynbrook iPhone and Ipad Repairs by Your Data Center"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/YDC-Lynbrook-Store-iPad-iPhone-Repair.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/YDC-Lynbrook-Store-iPad-iPhone-Repair.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Lynbrook iPhone and Ipad Repairs by Your Data Center" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="On site Workstation, Computer and Network Support, Firewalls, Wired and Wireless networks"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/nassau-county-long-island-new-york-on-site-network-support.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/nassau-county-long-island-new-york-on-site-network-support.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="On site Workstation, Computer and Network Support, Firewalls, Wired and Wireless networks" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Custom Built Gaming computers and Business Computers"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/custom-built-gaming-and-business-computers.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/custom-built-gaming-and-business-computers.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Custom Built Gaming computers and Business Computers" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Security Camera and Surveillance Systems Sales and Installation"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/security-camera-installation-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/security-camera-installation-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Security Camera and Surveillance Systems Sales and Installation" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Low Cost cPanel Website Hosting - Servers on Six Continents"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/purchase-cPanel-hosting-button%20%281%29.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/purchase-cPanel-hosting-button%20%281%29.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Low Cost cPanel Website Hosting - Servers on Six Continents" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="White Label Website Hosting Reseller Plans"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/web-hosting-reseller-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/web-hosting-reseller-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="White Label Website Hosting Reseller Plans" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="MySync Cloud Data Syncronization Solutions"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/ydc-mysync-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/ydc-mysync-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="MySync Cloud Data Syncronization Solutions" src=""></picture></a> <a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Shoutcast Radio Hosting - Low Cost, US and Europe"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/shoutcast-whmsonic-radio-hosting-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/shoutcast-whmsonic-radio-hosting-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Shoutcast Radio Hosting - Low Cost, US and Europe" src=""></picture></a> <a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Fully Managed Website Hosting - Design and SEO"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/purchase-managed-hosting-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/purchase-managed-hosting-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Fully Managed Website Hosting - Design and SEO" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Extremely Low Cost TLS and SSL Certificates"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/purchase-ssl-tls-certificates-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/purchase-ssl-tls-certificates-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Extremely Low Cost TLS and SSL Certificates" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Voice Over IP - Business Class at Low Prices"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/business-class-unlimited-minutes-voip-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/business-class-unlimited-minutes-voip-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Voice Over IP - Business Class at Low Prices" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Business Class Cable and Phone Service"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/business-class-phone-internet-television-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/business-class-phone-internet-television-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Business Class Cable and Phone Service" src=""></picture></a><a href=";domain=register" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Purchase Domain Names"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/purchase-domains-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/purchase-domains-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Purchase Domain Names" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="HIPAA Compliant Secure Online Backup Services"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/purchase-backup-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/purchase-backup-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="HIPAA Compliant Secure Online Backup Services" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Computer Support - Remote Computer Assistance"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/get-remote-pc-support-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/get-remote-pc-support-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Computer Support - Remote Computer Assistance" src=""></picture></a><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-3" title="Business Class Computers and Network Equipment"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/purchase-hardware-button.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/purchase-hardware-button.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Business Class Computers and Network Equipment" src=""></picture></a> <span class="text-element text-3"><br> <span class="text-text-28">Worldwide Web Hosting</span><br> <span class="text-text-29">We're on 6 Continents!</span><br><br> <span class="text-text-30">WEB HOSTING FACILITIES</span><br> <span class="text-text-31"> <a title="Garden City, NY, USA" href="" target="_blank">Garden City, NY, USA</a><br> <a title="New York, NY, USA" href="" target="_blank">New York, NY, USA</a><br> <a title="Los Angeles, CA, USA" href="" target="_blank">Los Angeles, CA, USA</a><br> <a title="Orlando, FL, USA" href="" target="_blank">Orlando, FL, USA</a><br><br><br> <a title="London, England, UK" href="" target="_blank">London, England, UK</a><br> <a title="Amsterdam, Holland, NE" href="" target="_blank">Amsterdam, Holland, NE</a><br> <a title="Frankfurt, Germany, DE" href="" target="_blank">Frankfurt, Germany, DE</a><br> <a title="Nuremberg, Germany, DE" href="" target="_blank">Nuremberg, Germany, DE</a><br> <a title="Hong Kong, China, CN" href="" target="_blank">Hong Kong, China, CN</a><br> <a title="Johannesburg, S. Africa, ZA" href="" target="_blank">Johannesburg, S. Africa, ZA</a><br> <a title="San Paulo, Brazil, BR" href="" target="_blank">San Paulo, Brazil, BR</a><br> <a title="Stockholm, Sweden, SE" href="" target="_blank">Stockholm, Sweden, SE</a><br> <a title="Sydney, Australia, AU" href="" target="_blank">Sydney, Australia, AU</a><br> <a title="Quebec, Canada, CA" href="" target="_blank">Quebec, Canada, CA</a><br><br> <a title="SERVER STATUS" href="" target="_blank">SERVER STATUS<br></a></span> <br> </span> </div> <div class="columns small-12 medium-7 column-5" id="Main"> <a class="link-text text-link-2" href="" title="New York Website Hosting - Your Data Center">Your Data Center - New York Website Hosting and Web Design<br> </a> <a class="link-text text-link-2" href="" title="Long Island Website Hosting - Your Data Center">Host Long Island - Best Quality Low Cost Website Hosting</a> <p class="paragraph paragraph-1"><span class="paragraph-text-1">Your Data Center Incorporated is a leader in <span class="paragraph-text-19"><span class="paragraph-text-2">New York Website Hosting</span> &amp; Web Design</span>. We host websites in New York, Tampa, Los Angeles, Quebec, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Sydney, San Paulo, Hong Kong &amp; Johannesburg on a 6 continent cloud computing &amp; dedicated hosting platform. Our facilities are HIPAA Compliant. We specialize in web hosting, SSL certs &amp; off-site backup. <br><span class="paragraph-text-3"><br>New York Services:</span> WiFi Sales &amp; Installs, Network Sales, Installs &amp; Service, Phone Service, Phone Systems, Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras, Fiber/Cable/Wire Runs, Network Security, HIPAA and PCI Compliance, Internet Firewalls, New Servers, Rack Systems, New Computers, New Laptops, Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs, Mac Repair, iPhone Repair and iPad Repair. <br><br> <u><b><i> <font color="darkred"> &bull;&nbsp; WE SERVICE ALL OF NEW YORK CITY (5 BOROS) AND ALL OF LONG ISLAND (NASSAU COUNTY AND SUFFOLK COUNTY NEW YORK).<br><br> &bull;&nbsp; 24x7 NETWORK, COMPUTER AND SERVER EMERGENCY SERVICE IS AVAILABLE. <br><br> &bull;&nbsp; CALL (800) 651-9324 FOR STANDARD SERVICE OR EMERGENCY SERVICE. </font></i></b></u></span><br><br> </p> <span class="text-element text-4"><span class="text-text-32">We are a big fan of you! Become a big fan of Your Data Center on Facebook and Twitter! <br>Our Facebook page is the #1 source for network, business &amp; home security threat info!<br></span><br><br> </span><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-5" title="Follow Your Data Center on Twitter" target="_blank"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-twitter%20%281%29.jpg" media="(min-width: 64em)"><source srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-twitter%20%281%29.jpg" media="(min-width: 56.9375em)"><source srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-twitter%20%281%29.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-twitter%20%281%29.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Follow Your Data Center on Twitter" src=""></picture></a> <div class="html-element"><center> <br><br> <video muted autoplay loop controls poster="/images/DC1.jpg"> <source src="ydc-intro.m4v" type="video/mp4"> <source src="ydc-intro.mp4" type="video/mp4"> <source src="ydc-intro.webm" type="video/webm"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video> </center> <br><br> <center> <script async src="//"></script> <!-- responsive2016 --> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-2689491030442919" data-ad-slot="6454231201" data-ad-format="auto"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </center> <br></div><a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-6" title="Follow Your Data Center on Facebook"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-facebook.jpg" media="(min-width: 64em)"><source srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-facebook.jpg" media="(min-width: 56.9375em)"><source srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-facebook.jpg" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset="./images/follow-yourdatacenter-on-facebook.jpg"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Follow Your Data Center on Facebook" src=""></picture></a> <p class="paragraph paragraph-1"><span class="paragraph-text-1"><br><br></span> <span class="paragraph-text-11"><span class="paragraph-text-4">WHAT ANTIVIRUS and DNS FILTERING PROTECTS YOUR NETWORK?</span><br> When it comes to network protection it should just work, not be some kind of beast that you have to manage on a daily basis. The product should be centrally managed and provide daily reports to you. If your current solution requires constant attention, then blocks real programs while letting viruses through, it's time for a change! A change that most likely costs less and gives you more! <br><br> We sell, install and maintain the corporate version of Webroot Anywhere on our client's machines. Webroot is like no other product out there. Management is done by us and all you do is sit back and remain compliant and safe! <br><br> A newer product provided by Webroot is a DNS filtering service. It can be programmed to block specific websites, known malicious websites, websites for shopping, websites that provide personal email and much more. <br><br> Interested in getting a real solution to your network problems including the BYOD nightmare you may have? Anything that connects to your network will have DNS filtering. Anything! <br><br> At Your Data Center we look for the best, and we deliver it! <br><br><br> <span class="paragraph-text-11"><span class="paragraph-text-4">YOUR DATA CENTER NASSAU DISTRIBUTOR FOR ClipFix</span><br>Have you ever broken the clip on a network cable after snaking it through a myriad of twists and turns? We've got good news for you! It's called ClipFix. <br><br>ClipFix is a small orange clip that will make the plug click into it's port perfectly, saving you both time and money, and now you can get it at Your Data Center! We are the Nassau County Distributor for them. Stop by and pick up a few. We're well below MSRP on these too!<br><br><br> <span class="paragraph-text-5">WHAT MAKES YOUR DATA CENTER DIFFERENT?</span><br>After decades of phenomenal growth, Web2.0 client-based applications have taken off! Anyone can host a website cheaply, but at what security cost? We do things differently at Your Data Center in New York. We do corporate website hosting cheap AND we do it right! Your Data Center utilizes powerful redundant servers for quality host-based websites, secure email and encrypted offsite data, keeping you safe. We provide top-quality in-house solutions for the corporate world. Put YOUR trust in Your Data Center Incorporated managed hosting!<br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-6">IS YOUR MAIL SERVER SSL/TLS SECURED?</span><br>If you could secure your mail server's communications for less than ten dollars, would you? Here's a link to Comodo Certificates for as low as $6.95 a year! - Go for it!<br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-7">ARE YOU PROTECTED FROM CRYPTO LOCKER?</span><br>The latest threat on the Internet is a nasty little ransomeware virus called Crypto Locker. If you get this on your computer the chances are you'll lose all of your data. Your data stays on your computer but it is encrypted. You have to pay nearly $400 to get your data back! ..and there are NO guarantees you will get that data back either! We have insisted for years and years that everyone get a decent anti-virus program, but that doesn't always happen. Even if you have an anti-virus program this could get by it. We have a FREE solution for you. Since you are either a customer or a potential customer of ours you may use this program for free. It is a CryptoLocker Blocker. You are given the right by Your Data Center Incorporated to use this program at your own risk. Many other types of malware will be blocked as an added benefit. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays to all from Your Data Center.. <a title="Download Crypto Prevent Software" href="" class="paragraph-text-18">DOWNLOAD IT HERE</a><br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-8">NEW OFFICE? WIRE RUNS? CABLE RUNS? FIBER RUNS?</span><br>Your Data Center Incorporated has completed a large number of cable runs in the Long Island and New York area. Why? Companies are expanding and find themselves in need of more complex networks. We can install your network from top to bottom, including firewalls, wireless access points, network jacks, cabling, switches, routers, servers and more. When QOS counts, we deliver! - Call today, install tomorrow!<br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-9">PROFESSIONAL NEW YORK WEBSITE DESIGNER <br>NEW YORK WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES</span><br>Do you have a website? Is it making you money or just costing you money? Your Data Center Incorporated designs functional productive money making websites that get noticed. <br><br>All websites designed and hosted with us get results. Why? Because we don't run a few words into a basic Windows program to create a generic website like our competition does! Search engines cannot index graphics! They index words! We make real websites at Your Data Center the old fashioned way. We hand-code the HTML using proven methods so your website will get noticed! Our webiste designs work on all web browsers unlike ALL of our competition! <br><br>FYI: The practice of hand-coding websites has earned Your Data Center Incorporated a great honor! We were selected by Google as a Google Favorite Place! This designation was given only once by Google, and has never been issued since, so in effect we were given a great honor. Out of 28 million businesses on the Internet at that time, only one hundred thousand were selected as Google favorites. All of our customers still benefit from this ranking since Google, Yahoo and Bing pay a lot of attention to us, and to our client websites in return! Over here we will treat your website just like our own. We will code your website properly and provide good information to your customers! We can really make a website shine! <br><br>If you are interested in having a real website that won't cost you an arm and a leg... call us! We'll show you just how easy it is to get found online naturally and honestly, without major expense. Call (800) 651-9324 or (516)256-DATA now! Success is just a phone call away.<br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-10">GET YOUR BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET NOW!</span><br>Today's generation does everything online. They are on social networks like Facebook, watching YouTube videos, searching for deals on Ebay, going to your competitor's website.. and missing yours! Why? Perhaps you are not ranked well in the search engines due to a poorly designed website that says little about you. Maybe your website cannot be found in the search engines easily because of high competition in your field or niche or maybe you do not have a company website at all! In any event you are losing valuable business every day! <br><br>Today nearly 66% of small to medium-sized businesses are not on the Internet. The common reasons are lack of knowledge and/or simple misconceptions. Some feel it will not benefit their company to be online, or that the price of setting up shop on the Internet is too high. Actually the opposite is true of both, but things still need to be done right to make it a successful venture. A quick do-it-yourself job is just throwing money out the window! A website which is professionally designed using the latest Search Engine Optimization Technology is key to making your business a success online. You need a professional website design firm that also runs it's own servers, not a low-life reseller of bulk server farm hosting! <br><br>Will this cost a lot? NO! This is another common misconception! It will cost less than just about everything you've done. The monthly cost of operating a quality website is under 5 dollars! Design costs?? Not an issue! <br><br>Perhaps you are scared about the technology end of things or the extra work that having a website might add on to your already maximized daily schedule? Don't be! A quality website designer/hosting provider like us will make things simple. We deal with the technology, and you deal with your business. <br><br>Don't waste time and money waiting for things to get better! Make it happen now! Call us at (516) 256-DATA x1 on Long Island or (212) 203-8964 x1 in New York City and find out how easy it is to make your website an extension of your business instead of just a website! <br><br>There really is a difference when you use a professional!<br><br><span class="paragraph-text-12">NETWORK SECURITY BOOTNOTE</span><br>Your Data Center Incorporated is a Sonicwall Approved Solution Provider<br>Are you in need of a Network Specialist? Your Data Center Incorporated is a Leading New York Network Security Specialist! We work primarily in the Long Island and New York City area. <br><br>Your Data Center has many professional firewalls in stock for immediate deployment. These are licensed for as little as 5 users up to unlimited users or nodes as would be needed in a large corporate office. We use Cisco Certified engineers and highly skilled network technicians to install routers, firewalls, web content filters, network servers, workstations, intrusion detection systems, wireless access points, network switches, network cables and wall jacks. No need to call in individual vendors! We do it all for any company, regardless of size. <br><br><span class="paragraph-text-13">AN IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER ABOUT HOME NETWORK SECURITY</span> <br>Network security doesn't stop at the office! If your home network is unprotected and you use things like online payment systems, remote access to your office, social networking sites, Internet banking or anything that requires a password you need a real firewall (not software-based) and good antivirus software, antispyware software, email antiphishing protection and email SPAM protection! Your Data Center can provide all of this at very low rates. We sell ICSA certified industry-standard firewalls for all needs. Devices are available for both corporate and home use. Our low prices cannot be beat. Full-featured professional firewalls start at $300. We can also install your security appliance! Call or email us for more information.<br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-14">IS YOUR COMPUTER RUNNING SLOW? LET US HELP!</span><br>Just about everyone has major computer headaches lately. The problem.. How to get your computer repaired or upgraded without breaking the bank!! We have the answer! <br><br>Your Data Center Incorporated has full computer repair services available throughout Nassau County Long Island and also in Manhattan. Don't waste money on a new computer! Our expert technicians can repair and/or upgrade just about any computer and make it better than new. Our work is fully guaranteed. We can even pick it up at your home or office! <br><br>If your computer is not running correctly, has a virus or is just in need of some extra memory.. call us! (516) 256-DATA, Opt#1. Our prices are the lowest in the industry.<br><br><span class="paragraph-text-15">WE SELL NAME BRAND AND CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTERS!</span><br>There are so many models of computers out there! Which one is right for you? When you go to a large store the only two things they know are price and how much they can make off of you. Ask a question about the computers they sell and you will get the same answer every time. <br><br>If you are tired of the same old line, give us a call at (516) 256-DATA, Opt#1. We can set the record straight and find exactly what you are looking for, even if you don't know what that is yet. We sell all of the top name brands of computers (Dell, Lenovo, etc), laptops and tablets. <br><br>Are you a bit picky? Perhaps you need to meet PCI-DSS or HIPAA regulations and cannot buy a computer which comes pre-loaded with spyware like many name brands do. Your Data Center Incorporated can custom build computers based upon your needs. Our prices are among the lowest in the industry too! Call today or call tonight! We're open until 9:00 pm.<br><br><br><span class="paragraph-text-16">IS YOUR BUSINESS NETWORK CAUSING HEADACHES?</span><br>Computer networks that are installed by an inexperienced technician will cost you time and money. Is it worth keeping a broken system going? NO! Fix it before it eats you alive! <br><br>Do you always have problems printing, finding your databases, getting email and doing what should be ordinary tasks? Do you have constant computer crashes and viruses? Are you running out of disk space, or losing files? Let us help! Your office network doesn't have to be your worst nightmare! It can be your best friend with a little work. <br><br>Your Data Center has been selling, installing and maintaining networks as well as fixing poor quality networks installed by others using top rated netwwork gear for years! We know our stuff and can make your day to day computer operations a pleasure! Call us for a free network evaluation. We can make it better... Promise!<br><br><span class="paragraph-text-17">WHERE IS YOUR WEBSITE HOSTED?</span><br>Let us design and host your website. Your Data Center Incorporated designs and hosts some of the largest websites in the New York City metropolitan area, including all of Long Island. We work together with your company to design a quality website that speaks your name. We also make sure your website will be noticed and ranked high enough to be found among the first listings of the search engines. We will leave nothing to chance. Our email servers are not running free software like our competitors either! Your Data Center sets high standards for itself, making sure that all of the services we provide to your business are of high quality, and most importantly, affordable. That includes both online and off. We do it all! Don't just take our word for it! Call us! Our sales team can assist you in making the right decision for your business. Most websites cost only $9.95 a month to host in our New York website hosting facilities. They include two free email addresses with full SPAM and virus protection running on our side. This is to compliment your own antivirus software. Add offsite backup for your data and your company is now a well-oiled redundant machine, ready to take on the world! So what is the difference between us and them? Your Data Center Incorporated protects your assets as if they were our own. <br><br>Don't waste another minute! Call us now at 516.203.7006 x1 on Long Island or 212.203.8964 x1 in Manhattan/New York City. Trust in us to make your business an online success. With Your Data Center you WILL succeed!<br> </span><br> </p> </div> <div class="columns small-12 medium-2 column-2"> <div class="responsive-picture picture-1"> <picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--> <source srcset="./images/us-uk-ie-ca-sc-au-flag.png" media="screen and (min-width: 56.9375rem)"> <source srcset="./images/us-uk-ie-ca-sc-au-flag.png" media="(min-width: 40em)"> <source media="screen" srcset="./images/us-uk-ie-ca-sc-au-flag.png"><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Website Hosting on Six Continents" src=""> </picture> </div> <center> <a href="" style="display: block; margin: 0 auto;"><img alt="Screened HomeAdvisor Pro - Your Data Center, Inc." style="display:block;" src="" /></a> <br> <a href="" style="display: block; margin: 0 auto;"><img alt="Top Rated Business by HomeAdvisor" style="display:block;" src="" /></a> <br> <a href="" style="display: block; margin: 0 auto;"><img alt="Elite Service Award Winner" style="display:block;" src="" /></a> </center> <br> <a href="" class="responsive-picture picture-link-4" title="Recommended by Locals on Alignable" target="_blank"><picture><!--[if IE 9]><video style="display: none;"><![endif]--><source srcset="" media="screen and (min-width: 56.9375rem)"><source srcset="" media="(min-width: 40em)"><source media="screen" srcset=""><!--[if IE 9]></video><![endif]--><img alt="Recommended by Locals on Alignable" src=""></picture></a> <span class="text-element text-1"><span class="text-text-2"><span class="text-text-40"><a title="Listen to the YDCNew York Radio NetworkUS/NY Radio Station" href="" target="_blank" class="text-text-36">Listen to the YDC<br>New York Radio Network<br>US/NY Radio Station</a> <br><a title="US/FL Radio Stream" href="" target="_blank" id="text-text-1" class="text-text-33">US/FL Radio Stream</a><br> <a title="US/CA Radio Stream" href="" target="_blank" id="text-text-1" class="text-text-33">US/CA Radio Stream</a><br> <a title="Visit us @" href="" target="_blank" id="text-text-3" class="text-text-35">Visit us @</a></span><br><br><span class="text-text-21">Office Hours: (US Eastern)</span><br>8am to 10pm weekdays<br>9am to 10pm weekends <br><br><span class="text-text-22"><span class="text-text-24">Computer Store Hours</span>:</span><br>10am to 3pm Monday<br>10am to 3pm Tuesday<br>10am to 8pm Wednesday<br>10am to 8pm Thursday<br>10am to 8pm Friday<br>10am to 4pm Saturday<br><br><span class="text-text-23">Emergency On Site Support:</span><br>NY/LI call or email - 24x7</span><br> </span> <span class="text-element text-2"><span class="text-text-1"><span class="text-text-3"><br> Computer Store Location:</span><br> Your Data Center<br> 286 Broadway<br> Lynbrook, NY 11563<br> (516) 593-3282<br><br> <span class="text-text-4">Office Locations:</span><br> Hewlett, New York<br> Lynbrook, New York<br> Valley Stream, New York <br><br> <span class="text-text-5">USA/Canada Toll-Free 800:</span><br> 800.651.YDCI (800.651.9324) <br><br><br> <span class="text-text-6">New York Phone Numbers:</span> <br> <span class="text-text-7">Nassau County:</span><br> 516.256.DATA Valley Stream<br> 516.405.DATA Hewlett<br> 516.593.DATA Lynbrook<br> 516.595.DATA Woodbury<br> 516.400.DATA Woodmere<br> 516.596.8025 Atlantic Beach<br> 516.802.9010 Bayville<br> 516.636.1750 Bellmore<br> 516.341.4600 Cedarhurst<br> 516.217.YDCI Cold Spring Harbor<br> 516.758.0200 East Rockaway<br> 516.531.8000 Farmingdale<br> 516.269.TECH Floral Park<br> 516.253.4700 Franklin Square<br> 516.203.7006 Garden City<br> 516.874.3025 Garden City<br> 516.399.7070 Glen Cove<br> 516.570.3000 Great Neck<br> 516.858.CAMS Great Neck Plaza<br> 516.277.TECH Greenvale<br> 516.806.5300 Hicksville<br> 516.758.0010 Inwood<br> 516.548.5150 Island Park<br> 516.726.CAMS Lake Success<br> 516.218.3025 Lawrence<br> 516.308.9550 Little Neck<br> 516.665.0120 Long Beach<br> 516.758.0050 Malverne<br> 516.453.YDCI Manhasset<br> 516.654.6100 Massapequa<br> 516.531.TECH Melville<br> 516.855.5050 Merrick<br> 516.329.YDCI Mineola<br> 516.CAM.9876 Muttontown<br> 516.737.1200 New Hyde Park<br> 516.345.4125 Oceanside<br> 516.CAMS.NOW Oyster Bay<br> 516.271.CAMS Plainview<br> 516.858.4225 Port Washington<br> 516.415.2020 Rockville Centre<br> 516.299.6500 Roslyn<br> 516.900.5250 Seaford<br> 516.CAMS.247 Syosset<br> 516.636.1800 Wantaugh<br> 516.591.0600 West Hempstead<br> 516.279.1770 Westbury<br> 516.758.0600 Woodmere<br> <span class="text-text-8"> New York:</span><br> 646.585.DATA Manhattan<br> 646.741.YDCI Manhattan<br> 212.203.8964 Manhattan<br> 646.434.1600 Manhattan<br> 347.354.2300 Forest Hills<br> 718.487.YDCI Howard Beach<br> 718.577.2850 Woodhaven<br> <span class="text-text-9"> Suffolk County:</span><br> 934.888.DATA Bay Shore<br> 631.792.6700 Babylon<br> 631.215.3400 Brentwood<br> 631.869.DATA Brookhaven<br> 631.557.2000 East Hampton<br> 631.496.5000 Farmingville<br> 631.479.3345 Huntington<br> 631.533.DATA Islandia<br> 631.315.2300 Laurel<br> 631.509.YDCI Port Jefferson<br> 631.509.WIRE Port Jefferson Station<br> 631.812.TECH West Hills<br> <span class="text-text-9"> Westchester County:</span><br> 914.800.DATA Ossining<br> 914.627.YDCI Mamaroneck<br><br> <span class="text-text-10"> New Jersey Phone Numbers:</span><br> 201.468.YDCI Fair Lawn<br> 201.380.4700 Jersey City<br><br> <span class="text-text-11"> Connecticut Phone Numbers:</span><br> 203.580.DATA Greenwich<br> 203.653.3968 Stamford <br><br> <span class="text-text-11"> California Phone Numbers:</span><br> 323.419.0070 Los Angeles<br><br> <span class="text-text-11"> Florida Phone Numbers:</span><br> 904.497.0040 Jacksonville<br><br> <span class="text-text-12"><span class="text-text-25"> United Kingdom Numbers:</span> </span><br> (country code +44)<br><br> <span class="text-text-13"><span class="text-text-20"> London England:</span> </span><br> Tel: 020.3129.2119 <br> Tel: 020.3475.3890 <br><br><br> <span class="text-text-12"><span class="text-text-25"> Sweden Numbers:</span> </span><br> (country code +46)<br><br> <span class="text-text-13"><span class="text-text-20"> Stockholm, Sweden:</span> </span><br> Tel: 8.44683910 <br><br><br> <span class="text-text-14"><span class="text-text-26"> Netherlands Numbers:</span> </span><br> (country code +31)<br><br><span class="text-text-15"><span class="text-text-27"> Netherlands Natl (English):</span> </span><br> Tel: 085 888 3132 <br><br><br><span class="text-text-16"> Australia Numbers: </span><br> (country code +61)<br><br><span class="text-text-17"> Sydney Australia: </span><br> Tel: 02.8417.2378 <br><br><br><span class="text-text-18"> South Africa Numbers: </span><br> (country code +27)<br><br><span class="text-text-19"> Johannesburg, ZA: </span><br> Tel: 010.500.4117</span><br><br><br><span class="text-text-37"><span class="text-text-39"> The Your Data Center<br>Family of Websites <br>Includes:</span> <br><br><span class="text-text-41"> <a title="Website hosting in the Netherlands by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Sydney Australia Cloud Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Cloud Website Hosting in Australia by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Sao Paulo Brazil Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Canada Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""><br></a> <a title="Servers and Storage Solutions for SMB" href="" target="_blank"></a><br> <a title="Valley Stream Computer Repair Service by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Computer Servers and Storage Arrays for Corporate Applications" href="" target="_blank"></a><br> <a title="England Website Hosting Services by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="High End Servers and Data Storage Solutions for Enterprise" href="" target="_blank"></a><br> <a title="Long Island Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Compare and Purchase TLS/SSL Certificates at Very Low Prices" href=""></a><br> <a title="US Based Online Computer Support by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="When Replacing an iPhone Screen, Add a Battery!" href=""></a><br> <span class="text-text-38"> <a title="Free Online IP and DNS Tools for Internet Professionals" href=""></a><br> <a title="Cloud Hosting for the UK and Northern Europe" href=""></a><br> <a title="Long Island Data Center Support and Provisioning by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Website Hosting on Long Island by a Long Islander" href=""></a><br> <a title="Website Hosting on Long Island by a Long Islander" href=""></a><br> <a title="Your Data Center is a Low Cost Website Hosting Company" href="http://www.LowCostWebsiteHosting.Company">LowCostWebsiteHosting.Company</a><br> <a title="Lynbrook iPad Repairs at Your Data Center on Broadway" href=""></a><br> <a title="Lynbrook iPhone Repairs by Your Data Center on Broadway" href=""></a><br> <a title="NYC Data Center Services and Provisioning by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Data Center Solutions Provider for the New York Tri-State Area by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Data Center Maintenance, Builds and Teardowns by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Low Cost Business Class High Quality Computers" href=""></a><br> <a title="Find My IP Service and IP Tools by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Network Equipment Sales, Installation and Service by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Play Classic Games Online, A Fun and Free Family Friendly Website" href=""></a><br> <a title="Cable Runs and Network Wiring by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="New York Cloud Services and Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="New York Cloud Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="New York Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="New York Website Hosting Since 2006 by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="A Fully PCI and HIPAA Compliant Online Backup Solution" href=""></a><br> <a title="Phone Systems for Business and Home by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Freee Online Classic Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy" href=""></a><br> <a title="Become a Website Hosting White Label Reseller" href=""></a><br> <a title="TLS and SSL Certificates at the Lowest Prices" href=""></a><br> <a title="Sweden Based Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Your Data Center is a Full Service Value Added Computer and Network Appliance Reseller" href=""></a><br> <a title="Looking for a Deal on Tech Gear? We Scour the Web for You!" href=""></a><br> <a title="Learn About TLS Encryption and Internet Security" href=""></a><br> <a title="Showcasing Unsigned Alternative Rock Artists for FREE" href=""></a><br> <a title="London Web Hosting Services" href=""></a><br> <a title="London Website Hosting Experts" href=""></a><br> <a title="Nassau County NY Website Hosting" href=""></a><br> <a title="New York Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="New York City Website Hosting by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Mostly Nostalgia Here. An Old Name From My Past." href=""></a><br> <a title="Custom Built Gaming and High Performance Graphics Computers" href=""></a><br> <a title="Security Camera and Surveillance Systems Sales and Installation" href=""></a><br> <a title="Wire Runs and Cable Runs - No Job Too Small or Too Large" href=""></a><br> <a title="Internet Phone Service from WorldLEC, A Global VOIP Provider" href=""></a><br> <a title="The YDC Media Group - Sales Video Production" href="http://www.ydcMediaGroup">ydcMediaGroup</a><br> <a title="The YDC New York Radio Network" href=""></a><br> <a title="Start Your Own Internet Radio Station" href=""></a><br> <a title="Web Hosting on Six Continents by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Website Hosting Services by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> <a title="Your Data Center - Everything Data" href=""></a><br> <a title="Your Data Center - Everything Data" href=""></a><br> <a title="Expert Network Equipment Sales, Installation and Service by Your Data Center" href=""></a><br> </span> </span><span class="text-text-38"><br><br></span></span> </span> </div> </nav> <script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="js/what-input.min.js"></script> <script src="js/foundation.min.js"></script> <script>$(document).foundation();</script> <font size="1"> <center><font color="black"> <hr> <b> <font size=1 color="brown"> Website Hosting and Corporate Email Just Got Simpler at!<br> High Quality Business Website Hosting by a Long Islander for Long Island!<br> Host Long Island is Website Hosting Done Right!<br> </font> </b> <br> Get Our Android App on Google Play. <br> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img alt="Get it on Google Play" src="" /> </a> <br> <br> <font size=4 color="#000000"> Nassau County New York - Computer Service &amp; More..<br> Call (516) 256-DATA - (516) 593-DATA - (516) 595-DATA</font> <font size="1" color="#000000"> <br> 516.256.3282 (Valley Stream, NY) - 516.593.3282 (Lynbrook, NY) - 516.595.DATA (Woodbury, NY) <br> </font> <font size=4 color="#000000"> New York, NY: (646) 741-YDCI ~ Manhasset, NY (516) 453-YDCI </font> <font size="1" color="#000000"> <br> 646.741.9324 (New York City, NY) ~ 516.453.9324 (Manhasset, NY) </font> <br> <font size=4 color="#000000"> Toll-Free: (800) 651-YDCI ~ Queens, NY (718) 487-YDCI </font> <font size="1" color="#000000"> <br> 800.651.9324 (USA/Canada) ~ 718.487.9324 (Queens, NY) </font> <br> </font> <font size="2"> <b>Store/Office: 286 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563: (516) 593-DATA<b> </font> <br> <b><U>OR CALL THE LOCATION NEAREST YOU NOW!</U></b> </center> <center> <b> New York City, NY: 646.585.DATA <br> New York City, NY: 646.741.YDCI <br> New York City, NY: 212.203.8964 <br> New York City, NY: 646.434.1600 <br> Atlantic Beach, NY: 516.596.8025 <br> Bayville, NY: 516.802.9010 <br> Bellmore, NY: 516.636.1750 <br> Cedarhurst, NY: 516.341.4600 <br> Cold Spring Harbor, NY: 516.217.YDCI <br> East Rockaway, NY: 516.758.0200 <br> Farmingdale, NY: 516.531.8000 <br> Floral Park, NY: 516.269.TECH <br> Forest Hills, NY: 347.354.2300 <br> Franklin Square, NY: 516.253.4700 <br> Garden City, NY: 516.203.7006 <br> Garden City, NY: 516.874.3025 <br> Glen Cove, NY: 516.399.7070 <br> Great Neck, NY: 516.570.3000 <br> Great Neck Plaza, NY: 516.858.CAMS <br> Greenvale, NY: 516.277.TECH <br> Hewlett, NY: 516.405.DATA <br> Hicksville, NY: 516.806.5300 <br> Howard Beach, NY: 718.487.YDCI <br> Inwood, NY: 516.758.0010 <br> Island Park, NY: 516.548.5150 <br> Lake Success, NY: 516.726.CAMS <br> Lawrence, NY: 516.218.3025 <br> Little Neck, NY: 516.308.9550 <br> Long Beach, NY: 516.665.0120 <br> Lynbrook, NY: 516.593.DATA <br> Malverne, NY: 516.758.0050 <br> Manhasset, NY: 516.453.YDCI <br> Melville, NY: 516.531.TECH <br> Massapequa, NY: 516.654.6100 <br> Merrick, NY: 516.855.5050 <br> Mineola, NY: 516.329.YDCI <br> Muttontown, NY: 516.CAM.9876 <br> New Hyde Park, NY: 516.737.1200 <br> Oceanside, NY: 516.345.4125 <br> Oyster Bay, NY: 516.CAMS-NOW <br> Plainview, NY: 516.271.CAMS <br> Port Washington, NY: 516.858.4225 <br> Rockville Centre, NY: 516.415.2020 <br> Roslyn, NY: 516.299.6500 <br> Seaford, NY: 516.900.5250 <br> Syosset, NY: 516.CAMS.247 <br> Valley Stream, NY: 516.256.DATA <br> Wantaugh, NY: 516.636.1800 <br> West Hempstead, NY: 516.591.0600 <br> Westbury, NY: 516.279.1770 <br> Woodmere, NY: 516.400.DATA <br> Woodmere, NY: 516.758.0600 <br> Woodbury, NY: 516.595.DATA <br> Woodhaven, NY: 718.577.2850 <br> Bay Shore, NY: 934.888.DATA <br> Babylon, NY: 631.792.6700 <br> Brentwood, NY: 631.215.3400 <br> Brookhaven, NY: 631.869.DATA <br> East Hampton, NY: 631.557.2000 <br> Farmingville, NY: 631.496.5000 <br> Huntington, NY: 631.479.3345 <br> Islandia, NY: 631.533.DATA <br> Laurel, NY: 631.315.2300 <br> Port Jefferson, NY: 631.509.YDCI <br> Port Jefferson Station, NY: 631.509.WIRE <br> West Hills, NY: 631.812.TECH <br> Ossining, NY: 914.800.DATA <br> Mamaroneck, NY: 914.627.YDCI <br> Fair Lawn, NJ: 201.468.YDCI <br> Jersey City, NJ: 201.380.4700 <br> Greenwich, CT: 203.580.DATA <br> Stamford, CT: 203.653.3968 <br> Los Angeles, CA: 323.479.0070 <br> Jacksonville, FL: 904.497.0040 <br> London, England: 020.3129.2119 <br> London, England: 020.3475.3890 <br> Johannesburg, ZA: 010 500 4117 <br> Stockholm, Sweden: 8 446 83 910 <br> The Netherlands: 085 888 3132 <br> Sydney, Australia: <font size="1">02.8417.BEST (2378)</font> <br> International iNum: <font size="1">883510009047956</font> <br> Toll-Free US/CA: 800-651-YDCI </b> <br><br> </font> <img src="" height="115" width="300">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 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